Agency Shift Marketplace helps increase Alexandra Workwear’s sales by 300%

UK-based Alexandra Workwear has been manufacturing and designing work uniforms since 1854. From medical garbs, like scrubs and lab coats, to hospitality uniforms, like aprons and chef coats, Alexandra offers workwear for every business.

In July 2020, Alexandra partnered with Shift, an agency that provides expertise in content creation, logistics, operations, creative, and advertising, to help their Amazon Ads business grow. Specifically, Alexandra wanted a partner that could help them promote their hospitability line while continuing to deliver strong return on ad spend (ROAS).

Carving out a new category

During the pandemic, Alexandra’s healthcare clothing business grew. This was largely due to increased sales of healthcare scrubs. Now though, Alexandra is looking to Shift to help them increase growth for their garments outside of healthcare.

As restaurants begin opening back up, Shift saw an opportunity for growth in the hospitality sector, specifically chef wear. To help increase visibility for this category, Shift implemented Sponsored Products campaigns to ensure visibility where shoppers would be browsing for chef clothing and Sponsored Display campaigns to drive product and brand awareness to reach more potential customers.

Shift’s sponsored ads strategy

Shift kicked off their Sponsored Product strategy with keywords to learn more about what customers were specifically looking for, such as chef jackets and trousers. When it came to identifying product targeting opportunities, Shift used an automatic campaign as a way to identify additional keywords.

For top of search impressions, Shift bid aggressively, utilizing top placement bid adjustments, which helped Alexandra achieve an 80% increase of Top of Search Impression Share on their hospitality campaigns.

Shift implemented retail readiness to ensure a quality execution of their Sponsored Products strategy. Some of those tactics were:

  • Created A+ content for each product to provide additional information and showcase more product creative
  • Added multiple product images for each ASIN and utilized overlay text creative to provide additional resources, like sizing guides
  • Optimized product detail page copy through specific descriptions and bullet points, featuring essential keywords and chef wear features

Lastly, Shift ran Sponsored Display campaigns, promoting Alexandra’s chef wear products to shoppers browsing for specific items related to hospitality, including chef knives, pans, and chef clothing. This format enabled Shift to achieve additional ad placements from their other product listings, providing greater brand exposure and awareness.

“Utilizing Amazon’s automatic campaign type as a ‘New Opportunity Discovery’ tool was a big help in expanding our keyword targeting and helping us to reach as many relevant Amazon customers as possible, which definitely helped us achieve strong results.”

— Robbie Decker, Head of Paid Advertising, Shift Marketplace

Unlocking opportunity with a full-funnel strategy

Shift was able to drive an increase of 372% year over year growth in chef wear revenue from 2020.1 Chef wear contributed to 20% of Alexandra’s overall revenue in 2021, up from 8% in 2020.2 Additionally, Chef wear campaigns achieved a 500% ROAS in 2021.3

Learn more about Shift on the Amazon Ads Partner Directory.

1-3 Advertiser-provided data, United Kingdom, 2021