A wine publishing house boosts sales with a cross-channel strategy

Building a partnership

Founded in 1973 by Steven Spurrier, the Académie du Vin was France’s first private wine school for oenophile expatriates living in Paris. In early 2019, Spurrier started a publishing house of the same name to publish newly commissioned titles and modern twists on historical books about wine.

Académie du Vin began selling their books on Amazon in 2019 to increase sales among shoppers throughout Europe, Canada, and the US. But given the niche nature of their products, the team was seeking to leverage both Amazon and non-Amazon Ads channels to increase brand awareness, consideration, and conversions for marketing campaigns that drove back to Amazon.

In June 2020, Académie du Vin partnered with Acorn Intelligence (also known as Acorn-i), a services and technology agency based in the UK, to launch a cross-channel marketing strategy.

Gaining advanced insights into marketing campaigns

With the help of Acorn-i, Académie du Vin sought to leverage Amazon Attribution (beta) to improve measurement and performance of their non-Amazon cross-channel campaigns, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Amazon Attribution is a free measurement tool that gives marketers insight into how their non-Amazon marketing channels impact shopping activity and sales performance on Amazon.

Académie du Vin had been relying on top-of-funnel metrics available through paid social publishers, such as clicks and likes, which did not offer any insights that could help them optimize lower-funnel paid social campaigns. With Amazon Attribution, Acorn-i was hoping to connect Académie du Vin’s Amazon metrics, such as product detail page views, add to carts, and sales, back to their paid social marketing campaigns that linked to Amazon.com.

Unlocking the strategy

Acorn-i created an omni-channel marketing strategy that leveraged a combination of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and non-Amazon campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that would be measured through Amazon Attribution to help reach Académie du Vin shoppers and drive results across the awareness, consideration, and conversion phases.

Since the brand operates in the book category, Acorn-i saw Sponsored Brands as the optimal solution to help increase return on ad spend (ROAS) and build product detail page views across the listings. They also tested promoting Kindle versions of their book via sponsored ads to help increase sales.

To optimize the listing content, Acorn-i defined the keyword search terms by researching which terms shoppers used to shop within the wine books category and adding these keywords into the listings. The team then helped develop Amazon customer reviews using the available programs, such as Amazon Vine, plus curated messaging to recent purchasers in line with Amazon policies. They also added the Author Central pages to the listings and included A+ Content, feature enables brands to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs, to enhance the shopper experience.

In addition, Acorn-i leveraged paid social ads to reach relevant audiences who may be interested in books about wine. The agency then implemented a series of different creative messages and optimized their tactics according to customer engagement metrics and Amazon Attribution insights.

quoteUpAmazon Attribution enabled us to measure Facebook marketing campaign performance on generating product views and sales on Amazon, and ultimately improve results. Being able to compare Amazon Ads and other media channels via one solution saves time and allows for better investment decisions.quoteDown
– Hermione Ireland, Managing Director, Académie du Vin

Measuring success

Using the retail and sales analytics modules, Acorn-i’s Amazon Ads API solution, Ignite, helped the Académie du Vin team analyze sales performance at the SKU level, helping track important items such as in-stock levels, sell-through rates, ASIN-level performance, Featured Offer scores, and advertising- and organic-attributed sales.

Acorn-i also helped Académie du Vin test and learn across non-Amazon marketing channels, leveraging Amazon Attribution insights to understand the impact of non-Amazon marketing activities against shopping performance on Amazon.

Acorn-i was also able to inform campaign optimizations by identifying opportunities where clicks on non-Amazon paid social ads translated to engagement with product detail pages on Amazon. For example, they were able to evaluate which paid social ad creatives, ad copy, and time of day drove the most efficient engagement, consideration, and conversion rates on Amazon. They optimized images and text, and based on their learnings, increased bids for the most successful ad variations. Additionally, the Amazon Attribution solution helped define which non-Amazon marketing channels are better for driving new-to-brand purchases versus the ones that drive loyalty and repeat purchases.

quoteUpThe integration allowed Académie du Vin to extend reach considerably via leveraging other publishers, but also retain the ability to measure performance. Amazon Attribution made it easier for us to compare the effectiveness and performance of the brand’s off-Amazon channels.quoteDown
– Ross Caveille, Co-Founder, Acorn-i

The results

During the six-week campaign flight, Acorn-i helped Académie du Vin increase aggregate click-through rates by 10x, sales by more than 140%, and detail page views by 22x.1 Acorn-i was also able to use keyword, bid price, and placement insights generated through Amazon Attribution to inform campaign optimizations more broadly, to help improve performance across Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display.

quoteUpWe are delighted to be one of the first EU technology providers to integrate into Amazon Attribution. Merging insights across multiple channels and reporting key metrics in real-time has enabled us to deliver strong campaign performance and optimize channel investments.quoteDown
– Ross Caveille, Co-Founder, Acorn-i

Moving forward, the teams at Académie du Vin and Acorn-i will continue leveraging Amazon Attribution to inform their advertising strategies, optimize their campaigns, and establish channel and category benchmarks.

1 Advertiser-provided data, France, 2020.


  • +140% increase in sales
  • +10x increase in click-through rate
  • +22x more detail page views