Insights and planning

Plan your advertising at scale, with insights you can trust

Our suite of planning tools help you better understand your audiences, as well as discover new and relevant audiences. Our media planning solutions help you make informed and insights-driven decisions, helping you get the most out of every dollar spent.

Planning solutions that benefit all advertisers

Whether or not you sell in an Amazon store, our suite of insights and planning solutions can help you grow your business.

Connect with the right audience

Reach thousands of differentiated and unique audience segments based on a range of signals with insights that can be applied to both Amazon-owned properties and third-party sites.

Insights to unlock your potential

Through first-person insights and billions of signals from streaming and shopping channels, you can plan impactful marketing strategies that drive business results.

Featured solutions

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Amazon audience insights

With easy-to-use tools and billions of proprietary audience signals informed by online and offline touchpoints, Amazon helps brands build insight-driven audience strategies. Brands have the flexibility to discover new audiences while seamlessly accessing our robust menu of à la carte segments to reach relevant, known audiences.

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Media planning

Optimize your marketing strategy with our cross-channel planning solutions—tools that use insights from each stage of the customer journey to better inform how to leverage your ad dollars. By putting the customer at the center of the process, your brand can embrace experimentation, learn from measurement, and even work in tandem with your agency.

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Brand insights

Amazon Ads insights help make sense of billions of global signals to help you find the right audience, channels, budget, and customer touchpoints for your campaign on and off Amazon.


What are audience insights?

Audience insights are informed by billions of signals, including Amazon shopping signals, to build a holistic picture of a particular audience. Audience insights enable brands and advertisers to better understand their customers’ interests and behaviors as well as discover and engage customers across the purchase journey—both on and off Amazon.

How do you find audience insights?

Amazon audience insights are available through our advertising console as well as on Amazon DSP, providing advertisers access to a large catalog of audience segments that are easy to use and ready to go. You can select specific audiences that align to you product’s or brand’s core customer—for example, “outdoor enthusiasts” or “environmentally conscious shoppers.”

How do you use audience insights?

Audience insights can be used to better understand which customers or audience segments are engaging with your ads and how they’re reacting or converting. Amazon audiences segments includes in-market, lifestyle, interests, and life events.