Insights and planning

Media planning

Build an insights-driven strategy to increase reach, performance, and sales

Amazon Ads Media Planning Suite helps advertisers reach and convert audiences across the customer journey using machine learning and tools that connect between channels. Advertisers can leverage first- and third-party insights to develop a strategy for products wherever they spend time.

A strategic blueprint to set expectations

Media planning acts as a map for how to effectively reach and engage audiences through relevant channels. This plan helps answer your campaign’s who, what, where, when, how, and why questions.

Customer-centric approach

Amazon Ads media planning bases all decisions around the customer to create a plan that is effective, while never losing sight of the core audience.

Context, with concept

Media planning involves a deep understanding of the target audience’s media consumption habits, preferences, and behaviors, along with a keen sense of awareness of the ever-evolving media landscape.

Featured solutions

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Cross-channel planning

Advertisers can create cross-channel plans across display, video, and audio, wherever they spend time. This enables advertisers to reach users on a variety of platforms and devices, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion to captivate their interest across the shopper journey.

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Channel planning

With the Amazon Ads channel planner, advertisers can create detailed, channel-specific media plans leveraging Amazon’s unique first- and third-party insights, optimizing how to allocate media investments across Amazon Ads. Available in the same interface, marketers are able to capture the details of their channel plans using customizable inputs, while still ensuring the goals across the various channels are consistent.

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Application Programming Interface (APIs)

Through APIs, advertisers are able to curate the right channels and tailor their messaging strategy, while seamlessly integrating their plan into agency workflows. Tech specialists can automate tedious tasks and understand how to optimize their ad budgets.


Who can use cross-channel planner?

All self-service and managed-service advertisers with a manager account can access the cross-channel planner from the "Insights and Planning" menu on Amazon DSP. Contact your Amazon Ads account executive to learn more.

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Who can use channel planner?

All self-service and managed-service advertisers can access the channel planner from the "Insights and Planning" menu on Amazon DSP. Contact your Amazon Ads account executive to learn more.

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  • US
What is media planning?

Media planning is the process advertisers undergo before buying and launching ads to gauge effectiveness and maximize ROI (return on investment). It is a critical first step in any ad campaign. The tangible outcome of the media planning process is a media plan document to guide an ad campaign.

Why is media planning important?

Media planning is important because it helps set a parameter for what ad placements might work best for your brand and where to best place those advertisements.

What is media buying?

Media buying is what happens after your media plan is complete—they work hand in hand. Media planning sets the parameters for the
media buying. Media buying involves evaluating all media advertising options within your budget parameters in order to determine which audiences, ad types, and combination of media channels will help deliver the best possible campaign results, then purchasing those ads.

Why is media buying important?

Media buying is important because strategically purchased media can impact a campaign’s success. It’s not enough to have compelling copy and visuals—ads must be placed in the right locations and at the right times and frequencies, so that the right audiences see the ad.

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