Insights and planning


Make connections that matter

Discover and reach relevant audiences through tailored campaigns informed by insights. With billions of proprietary audience signals and a breadth of simple tools, we can help you build an insight-driven audience strategy to make more meaningful connections.

Reach audiences where they are

Be where audiences are shopping, browsing, and streaming, and use our breadth of signals to understand how to reach them at the right place and time.

Connect through messages that matter

Amazon Ads harnesses billions of unique, proprietary signals to help you reach relevant audiences on Amazon and beyond, even when ad identifiers are not present.

Have a flexible audience strategy

Build your audience strategy based on your unique business objectives. Discover new audiences, leverage our robust menu of segments, and combine our signals with your insights to make better connections.

Featured solutions

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Persona Builder

Dive deeper to understand which products and categories interest your audience. Brands of all sizes can create and get insights on custom, composite audience expressions that reflect today’s complex purchase pathways.

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Amazon Audiences

Access thousands of à la carte audience segments fueled by our billions of unique and proprietary signals. We then apply these signals to reach relevant audiences and drive high-value outcomes on and beyond.

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Advertiser Audiences

Incorporate your own audiences into your Amazon Ads campaigns by onboarding directly into Amazon DSP or through Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC). Reach new audiences, extend reach, remarket to loyal customers, or optimize campaigns.


What is a target audience?

A target audience is a set of signals and conditions used to reach a group of consumers with relevant media and/or creative.

Why is it important to identify your target audience?

Your campaigns will be more successful if you have identified target audiences with a considered strategy of how to engage with them. Ads that are sent to broad audiences without considering relevance tend to have less engagement than ads sent to relevant audiences. Identifying target audiences also helps you optimize your media budget by only reaching audiences who might be interested your product.

What is audience segmentation?

Audience segmentation is a strategy defined as the organization of various types of audiences, to reach them with your ads and campaigns. By dividing your customers into audience segments, it becomes easier to reach them with relevant ads. In contrast, creating ads with a broad or generic statement can make them less likely to appeal to customers.

How do you identify your target audience?

Identifying your audience will vary by advertiser, but in general you will want to understand all of the signals available, evaluate past campaign behavior and your current campaign goals in order to identify what audiences you want to reach on a given campaign.