Why Amazon Advertising?

With 300+ million worldwide active customer accounts*, Amazon has a deep understanding of how shoppers engage with products and brands as they discover, research, and purchase online.

When you advertise with us, you’re leveraging insights based on more than 20 years of shopping activities in our store. Our offerings help you achieve your advertising goals while staying true to one philosophy: if it’s right for the customer, let’s explore it.

*Active customer accounts, which are unique e-mail addresses, represent accounts that have placed an order during the preceding twelve month period. Source: Q1 2019 earnings release.

What sets Amazon Advertising apart?


Build relationships with Amazon customers.

Customers come to Amazon for a trusted environment where they can discover, research, and purchase products and brands. Customers count on Amazon in a variety of ways because we make shopping, researching, browsing, downloading, streaming, sharing, and buying easy.


Reach customers at the right place and right time.

Our audience insights, paired with our creative capabilities, help businesses to reach interested shoppers with an impactful message, tailored to the customer journey. We offer a variety of creative formats – including search, display, video, and custom ads – to share your products and brands in a relevant way.


Use analytics and reporting insights to optimize your return.

Our measurement solutions help businesses understand the impact of their Amazon Advertising campaigns – whether they run on Amazon or third-party websites and apps. With these insights, we empower businesses to plan, optimize, and measure their marketing strategies.