Advertising objectives

To get started, you will want to set advertising goals that are tailored to your desired outcomes.





Not sure where to start?

Explore common goals, the objectives they map to, and key metrics for success.

GoalObjectiveKey metric for success
“I want more people to be aware of my business”

“I want to reach new potential customers”

“I want to tell my brand story”
Tell your brand story, reach potential new customers, and build trust and confidence in your brand. Help maximize the number of people in your possible audience to reach.
Impressions; Brand recall lift
“I want more people to include my product/brand in their consideration set when they are researching products/brands of key competitors”CONSIDERATION
Reach shoppers who are in a research mindset by creating ads that are relevant and engaging. Consideration campaigns focus on engaging prospective customers
Traffic; Store visits; App installs; Ad engagement; Video views; Email list sign-ups; Detail page visits
“I want to drive sales for my products or services”

“I want to engage high-intent shoppers from consideration to purchase”
Engage with high-intent shoppers who may move from the consideration phase into making a purchase.
Sales; Return on ad spend; Advertising cost of sales
“I want my existing customers to remain loyal to my product or brand”LOYALTY
Drive repeat sales from customers who previously purchased your products or services.
Repeat purchases; Referrals; Store visits; Subscribe & Save