Golf training equipment company drives 500% year-over-year sales growth with sponsored ads

The company

While Orange Whip has been creating golf training equipment since its inception, its most popular product, the Orange Whip Trainer, was invented by golf coach Jim Hackenberg. After noticing his students made immediate improvements when they could feel and learn the golf swing motion, he created the Orange Whip Trainer, an orange rubber ball attached to a golf shaft, which helps players swing in rhythm while maintaining balance. In an effort to scale its business and expand its digital presence, Orange Whip began selling its line of training aid products, which also includes putters, wedges, and a concave balance platform, on Amazon in 2013.

The strategy

With the goal of increasing brand awareness and driving sales, Orange Whip turned to Egility, a full-service digital marketing agency with an exclusive focus on Amazon Ads.

To start, Egility refreshed Orange Whip’s US Store on Amazon by adding product videos and creating subpages for each product category. The team also made revisions to existing product detail pages with new descriptive copy and new images.

After updating Orange Whip’s Store, Egility launched Sponsored Products campaigns to help reach customers who were actively shopping for related products. The team then chose keywords tailored to each product while also including branded and non-branded keywords related to golf swing training equipment. By conducting tests across all three keyword match types (broad, phrase, and exact), Egility made bid adjustments based on performance.

Lastly, Egility launched Sponsored Brands campaigns to help drive brand awareness and exposure to both Orange Whip’s Store and product pages. Metrics (such as those found in the search term report from Sponsored Products campaigns) helped Egility identify keywords with higher conversion rates. To further refine the Sponsored Brands campaign strategy, Egility selected product-related keywords and incorporated them into the headline copy, which linked to landing pages featuring relevant products. It then conducted A/B tests to determine if Orange Whip’s product logo drove higher traffic compared to product images.

Egility monitored all live campaigns on a weekly basis to ensure performance and metrics aligned with Orange Whip’s overall goal to help increase sales while maintaining a low advertising cost of sales (ACOS) based on product margins.

quoteUpAs an established and trusted brand within the golf industry, we knew Amazon Ads would be critical to help us drive brand exposure and sales. Our partnership with Egility has helped us navigate Amazon and take our advertising efforts to the next level.quoteDown
– Mandy Merritt, Director of Communication, Orange Whip

The result

With the help of Egility, Orange Whip’s sponsored ads campaigns maintain a 10% ACOS and have generated over 40 million impressions as of October 2019. This performance translated to 500% year-over-year increase in total sales with over 20% of sales attributed to advertising.

quoteUpAmazon Ads can help brands drive awareness by allowing brands to connect with customers who are actively shopping for products. By reaching the right audience with the right messaging and imagery, Orange Whip continues to grow significantly year-over-year while maintaining an acceptable ACOS.quoteDown
– Liz Adamson, CEO and founder, Egility