Brainy Commerce helps Dcoop expand their audience with Sponsored Display

Launching on

Spanish company Dcoop is known for their table olives, wine, and a range of olive oils, including premium brands available in limited batches. Dcoop started selling their products on in December 2020, with the goal of expanding their brand presence in Amazon’s store as an olive oil producer.

Starting in October 2020, Dcoop partnered with online retail consultancy Brainy Commerce to develop their Amazon Ads strategies, with impressions, traffic to product detail pages, click-through rates (CTR), and clicks as key performance indicators (KPIs).

Getting retail ready

To start, Brainy Commerce worked with Dcoop to optimize their Store and product detail pages to ensure they were retail ready before launching their Amazon Ads campaigns. To get a complete view of the brand’s characteristics and benefits across all touchpoints, Brainy Commerce made sure to unify the brand story across Dcoop’s Store and their product detail pages. Brainy Commerce consistently optimized the content on Dcoop’s product detail pages and Store based on which display ad messaging was most successful.

Finding new audiences

Sponsored Display ads offer options for creative customization, including custom headlines, which were an integral part of Brainy Commerce’s display strategy. After significant research on the olive oil market segment, Brainy Commerce launched ads that focused on both high-end and everyday olive oils from Dcoop, with headlines that further highlighted the brand’s commitment to the environment and high-quality products.

Brainy Commerce then implemented an Amazon Ads strategy focused on reaching new and wider audiences. With a goal of awareness, specifically of Dcoop’s olive oil brands, Brainy Commerce launched views remarketing campaigns with audiences who had viewed Dcoop’s page and those of similar products and brands. Simultaneously, Brainy Commerce used Sponsored Display product targeting to go “out of aisle” and reach audiences who were not looking for olive oil (outside of the olive oil product category) but were likely to be interested in it.

Brainy Commerce’s work with Sponsored Display supported the brand’s Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns. Building on the demand generated by Sponsored Display awareness-focused campaigns, Brainy Commerce reached audiences through shopping results, focusing on shopping term results related to products that were also included in the Sponsored Display product targeting campaigns. Sponsored Brands provided an opportunity to drive traffic to Dcoop’s Store, with more general terms such as “olive oil” and “Spanish olive oil”, in addition to terms like “cooperative olive oil,” which helped reach shoppers interested in Dcoop’s brand story.

"We concentrated most of the advertising investment in the Sponsored Display format, which helped us reach a large audience on"

— Antonio Guzmán, Commercial Director at Dcoop

Generating meaningful impressions

Between March and November 2021, Dcoop generated over 42 million impressions with 0.22% CTR, representing 178,465 product detail page visits and 41,500 Store views, with a 9.42% conversion rate.1 Sponsored Display ads generated 28.2 million impressions, of which 71,94% represented new-to-brand customers, with a 0.18% CTR.2

Looking specifically at Sponsored Display views remarketing campaigns, Dcoop saw 10.5 million impressions, of which 70,41% represented new-to-brand customers, with a 0.19% CTR.3 Responsible for over a quarter of all impressions between March and November 2021, Sponsored Display views remarketing helped Dcoop share their product catalog and brand story with new shoppers.

"Advertisers just starting out on Amazon should try different ad formats and not be afraid to explore multiple options. Above all, they should think about the audience they are reaching and adapt their advertising messages to it. It is very important to consider the customer journey and know how and when to impact them and with what message.”

— Jaime Collazo, Growth Specialist at Brainy Commerce

1-3 Advertiser-provided data, Spain, 2021