Community Coffee resonates with busy Amazon holiday shoppers

Community Coffee, a leading Louisiana coffee company, looked to Amazon Advertising to increase awareness and considerations of its coffee products to drive sales during the busy holiday shopping season. They also wanted to leverage Amazon Advertising’s suite of products to maximize the impact of their messaging.

The Amazon Advertising solution

Amazon Advertising partnered with Community Coffee to create and launch a campaign that spanned, Kindle eInk, and the Amazon DSP.

The campaign leveraged Amazon Advertising’s unique e-commerce ad units and precise targeting capabilities in order to reach key segments of shoppers, such as those who were in-market for coffee products or belonged to relevant lifestyle segments. By reaching those groups who were most likely to be receptive to their messaging, Community Coffee was able to maximize the exposure of their messaging.

*Consideration Rate (CSR): Rate at which shoppers visit the product detail page.

Community Coffee Company invites you to enjoy the unique taste of Louisiana’s most distinctive coffee. We start with only quality, 100% Arabica beans selected by the Saurage family. Then, through generations of roasting experience, we have perfected a full-bodied yet smooth flavor that reflects the extraordinary culinary traditions of Louisiana. Today, Community® coffee is served in the best New Orleans restaurants and is shared in homes across the South. To understand why, simply sit back and enjoy a cup.

Source: Amazon Internal Data 2013

  • 4x more likely to consider purchasing the product.
  • 5x higher CSR* than the onsite average CSR.
  • Delivered 11% more efficiently than estimated.