Looking to get the most out of Streaming TV video creative? Start driving performance with these tips.

Amazon Streaming TV ads take video campaigns to streaming content, helping to reach cord cutters and expand the reach of linear TV campaigns. To learn about what works best for Amazon Streaming TV campaigns, we ran seven separate Hardlines A/B tests comparing different Streaming TV templates.

These tests measured Brand Search and Detail Page View Rate (DPVR) for Streaming TV Studio creatives, and Purchase Rate and DPVR for testing whether product or lifestyle imagery in ad creative tended to perform best. The results can inform advertisers on strategies that could help improve their ad creative.

Streaming TV Studio creative

With Streaming TV Studio, you can enrich your existing video creatives with Amazon exclusive features, like star ratings and calls-to-action (CTAs). Brands can also add a video overlay with customizable backgrounds, brand logos, and brand colors. This overlay can be present during the full ad or be customized to appear during a certain period during the ad.

Streaming TV Studio Overlay Video Creative

Video creative made with Streaming TV Studio overlay

Standard STV Video Creative

Standard Streaming TV video creative

To understand the impact of including a Streaming TV Studio overlay on video creative, we compared them to standard video creative in subverticals including Lawn and Garden, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, and Gaming. For every single test, the presence of a Streaming TV Studio overlay resulted in a lift in DPVR, and additionally, 80% of the tested campaigns had a positive Brand Search lift.1 There was one test that saw a decrease in branded search, but the brand included a retail-focused “Add to Cart” CTA, which may have prompted customers to use their voice rather than search on Amazon, resulting in lower brand search and an increase in DPVR.

Brand search and DPVR results in five tests with Streaming TV Studio overlay

graph color for brand search

Brand search

graph color for DPVR


Streaming TV Studio overlay template test results: Results in test 1: DPVR 3% and brand search 19% uplift vs. standard video creative. Results in test 2: DPVR 102% and brand search 49% uplift. Results in test 3: DPVR 9% and brand search 36% uplift. Results in test 4: DPVR 3% uplift and brand search 10% decrease. Results in test 5: DPVR 27% uplift.

Lifestyle vs product-focused Streaming TV ads

In two tests in the Consumer Electronics subvertical, we compared lifestyle Streaming TV ads to product-focused Streaming TV ads. Lifestyle ads focus less on the specific features of the product being advertised and more on the experience it offers. For example, many lifestyle ads depict products or brands being used in a real-life setting. A product ad focuses heavily on the product features and its benefits and does not show the product in use. Understanding which type of ad performs best can be a powerful learning tool for a brand and can help inform creative ideation, creative weighting, production, and more.

Product-focused ad

Product-focused ad

Lifestyle ad

Lifestyle ad

Results from both the ad tests showed an increase in DPVR and purchase rate when lifestyle video creatives were used.2 Hardlines brands looking to increase branded search, DPVR, and purchase rate, should consider leveraging lifestyle-focused creative rather than product-focused creative when running Streaming TV ads.

Purchase rate and DPVR results in two tests using lifestyle Streaming TV ads versus product-focused Streaming TV ads

graph color for purchase rate

Purchase rate

graph color for DPVR


Product versus lifestyle imagery test results: Results in test 1: Purchase rate 13% and DPVR 4% uplift for lifestyle imagery. Results in test 2: Purchase rate 31% and DPVR 28% uplift for lifestyle imagery.

How to get started

Managed and self-service advertisers can use these learnings to inform their hypotheses and experiments within Amazon Streaming TV ads. Connect with your Amazon account team to learn more about the performance impact of Streaming TV Studio overlays and to setup an experiment within a new or existing Streaming TV campaign. New to Amazon Ads and want to set up your first Streaming TV campaign or A/B test? Contact us today to learn about first steps and support we can offer you.

1-2 Amazon Internal, November 2021, US