Amazon Ads ASIN selection and promotion strategies

ASIN selection and promotion strategies

It is important to know how your ASINs are classified within Amazon’s product catalog and which audience you want to reach. Focus your inventory on products that are suitable for advertising based on their attributes and performance, and target those products for better advertising performance.

So how do you identify products with high potential and make them the next best seller? Let's take a look at selection ideas and strategies.

ASIN matrix video guide

1. What is the ASIN matrix?

2. Advantages of the ASIN matrix

3. Advice for advertisers

ASIN selection

Preliminary preparation

Optimize for clicks and conversion:

  • Improve the product detail page
  • Offer Prime shipping
  • Set competitive prices for your products
  • Provide professional customer service

Optimize ad eligibility and impressions:

  • Have an active professional seller account
  • Be able to ship goods into the country where you are advertising
  • Confirm the product belongs to one or more eligible categories
  • Ensure that you have sufficient inventory

Step 1:

You can classify ASINs according to the product life cycle and sales, compare the product life cycle and sales with the average, and place them in the four quadrants of emerging, flagship, potential, and longtail to form a four-quadrant matrix of ASINs.

Emerging products: Products with new and rising sales, e.g., LED lights

Flagship products: Mainstay products with stable sales over a longer period, e.g., socks or pasta

Potential products: Newer products with lower sales that have the potential to improve, e.g., Asian snacks

Longtail products: Low-cost and hard-to-find products with stable, long-term demand, e.g., portable retail POS with sensor

How do I know the life cycle of an ASIN?

1. Download inventory reports: View and calculate product life cycles by navigating to
”Seller Central” > “Inventory Reports” > Download the “Available Listings Report” or “All Listings Report,” and view the “Open Date”

2. Calculate the life cycle of an ASIN
Days active = Today's date - Date of listing
Calculate the average days active as the average lifetime of the ASIN

ASIN Axxxxxxxxxx2019-03-22 22:44:16 PDT
ASIN Bxxxxxxxxxx2020-11-03 06:27:04 PST
ASIN Cxxxxxxxxxx2018-05-13 23:07:01 PDT
How do I know the sales of an ASIN?

Download sales reports: View product sales by navigating to “Seller Central” > “Business Reports” > Download “Sales Report” by ASIN, and view historical records according to the “Ordered Product Sales”

How do I determine which ASINs go in the four quadrants of the ASIN matrix?

1. In order to categorize your ASINs into the four quadrants and calculate the average split point, you need to calculate life cycle and sales averages. You can do this by aggregating the Inventory and Sales reports into ASIN-level Sales and Time to Market reports. The specific methods are as follows:

  • Select the SKU and ASIN life cycle columns from the Inventory report you calculated previously, and select the deduped SKU and sales columns from the Sales report;
  • Merge the two reports using the SKU as the common item.

2. Use the average ASIN life cycle and sales as the dividing point, and place your product data in the four quadrants.

Amazon Ads ASIN Matrix

Step 2:

Develop appropriate advertising strategies for ASINs in different categories. Once you classify your ASINs, create your advertising strategy based on the various stages of consumer shopping decisions. ASINs in different categories will assume different strategic roles: Flagship and emerging ASINs can help drive storewide sales, while potential ASINs and longtail ASINs can help promote more customer reviews and word of mouth.

Flagship and emerging ASINs are the main ones that help you increase impressions and sales, so we tend to carry out multiple sponsored ads campaigns on these products. Potential ASINs can rely on the flagship and emerging ASINs to drive higher exposure and sales, while you gradually look for opportunities to move to the flagship and emerging ASINs. If you still have the resources to spare and have good longtail ASINs, you can also try using Sponsored Products for longtail ASINs.

Amazon Ads Strategies for Different Classified ASINs

Promotion strategy

Allocate advertising resources and develop promotion strategies according to ASIN attributes.

ASIN typeObjectiveStrategy
EmergingProduct and brand promotionGain brand protection and competitive edge through Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.
FlagshipProduct and brand promotionGain brand protection and competitive edge through Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. Focus on category and product keywords.
PotentialBrand promotionDrive awareness for potential ASIN through Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products. Focus on branded keywords.
LongtailProduct promotionIncrease impressions through Sponsored Products.