Case Study

eStore Factory helps supplement brand increase pay-per-click sales by 1,800%

liver complex supplement surrounded by plants

Vitasei, a health and wellness company with a mission to offer high-quality products that consumers can trust, creates supplements for those seeking a healthy lifestyle. The brand started advertising on the Amazon store in 2021; however, they needed help to create a robust strategy to increase their reach and wanted to work with an experienced agency to support their needs.

In January 2022, Vitasei began working with eStore Factory, an agency that provides comprehensive digital services with an end-to-end experience for Amazon sellers. Their services include product listings, content optimization, infographics creation, lifestyle image composition, A+ content, Stores design, account management, all with a strategy that uses sponsored ads.

The initial goal was to maximize the profits from sponsored ads campaigns while reducing the advertising cost of sales (ACOS). The primary challenge for eStore Factory in advertising Vitasei’s products was to ensure the brand’s retail readiness and achieve optimal results from ads

Preparing an effective plan

To increase brand awareness and drive sales, the agency took proactive measures by updating product detail pages with informative, keyword-rich copy, as well as adding engaging A+ content and uploading images designed to accelerate conversion. As a result of these efforts, the brand’s products became more recognizable and effective in advertisements.

One of the most successful strategies was to use the best-performing keywords from Sponsored Products automatic campaigns and reuse them for Sponsored Brands ads and Sponsored Brands video campaigns. Positioned within the browsing results, Sponsored Brands video ads were noticeable and helped drive valuable traffic to the detail pages and brand Store.

As the products boasted a healthy number of reviews and pricing, Sponsored Display product targeting and category targeting were used to surface ads on detail pages of similar products. The agency used top-of-search placement in best-performing Sponsored Products campaigns to maximize visibility and broaden reach. Campaigns used dynamic up-and-down bidding options to increase the likelihood of showcasing ads in front of relevant shoppers and also reduce spend on less impactful placements. Another tactic included using bulk reports to manage campaigns, optimize bids, and cut down on wasted spend. Additionally, the search term report and performance benchmark report provided crucial insights into campaign performance.

Exceeding growth benchmarks

By using Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display and interacting with top-of-the-funnel audiences, Vitasei saw a 1,800% increase in pay-per-click (PPC) sales, with 70% of orders made by new-to-brand customers.1 The sponsored ads campaigns delivered more than 70K impressions and outperformed benchmarks across multiple KPIs.2 The agency’s holistic approach brought about a 423% increase in organic sales.3

eStore Factory advises new advertisers who are just getting started with Amazon Ads to really understand their audience to reach campaign success.

“Take the time to understand your audience and their browsing behavior, and then tailor your ad campaigns to meet their needs. Use the robust Amazon Ads remarketing options to ensure that your ads are reaching the right customers, and continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns to achieve the best results. Above all, remember that success with Amazon Ads requires a combination of data-driven strategy, ongoing experimentation, and a willingness to adapt and learn as you go.”

— Jimi Patel, co-founder, eStore Factory

1-3 Source: Vitasei, United States, 2023.