Amazon Ads helped Luminous recharge engagement with their battery products

Luminous Power Technologies is a brand with a wide range of innovative products in the power backup, home electrical, and residential solar spaces. Their product portfolio includes inverters batteries, solar solutions, and home electricals offerings such as fans, modular switches, and LED lighting. Luminous wanted to engage with relevant audiences across India to promote the longevity of their inverter batteries.

Reaching relevant audiences for awareness

Amazon Ads worked with Luminous brand teams to conduct an audience analysis. They identified the following relevant Amazon audiences: consumers who were actively browsing inverters, small business owners, and independent home owners. Luminous reached these audiences through Amazon DSP display ads and in-stream video ads on third-party sites and apps. The 20-second video ad featured the brand’s ambassador Sachin Tendulkar and showcased the “Long-lasting” nature of Luminous inverter batteries. The display and video creatives were customized in 5 Indian languages for specific geographies to increase relevance for vernacular audiences across India. Display ads took audiences to a product detail page on the Luminous website. The page carried details about the technical specifications of the product and how to order online. The campaign was optimized to maximize reach and visits to the luminous website.

Delivering engagement

The display and video marketing campaign delivered an overall reach of 10.7 million ad impressions1 and saw a cost per video completion rate of 0.21 rupees2, which was 30% better3 than internal Amazon category benchmarks.

“With Amazon DSP, we were able to identify relevant cohorts for our inverter and battery range and engage with them through video storytelling. The customization of the video ads in 5 languages helped us build relevance. The cost efficiency of the reach was impressive.”

— Anand Kumar, Head, eCommerce Strategic Marketing, Luminous Power Technologies

1-3 Amazon internal data, India, 2021

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