Jellyfish integrates with Amazon APIs for advanced reporting and insights

Harnessing the power of analytics

Jellyfish is a marketing performance company helping brands thrive in a dynamic world. The company offers systems to help brands navigate, connect, and harness their marketing efforts to drive growth. Jellyfish offers a dedicated Amazon analytics program, which connects to Amazon APIs to provide easy-to-use, personalized, and responsive dashboard to clients.

In August 2021, Jellyfish began working with a beauty brand based in the United States. As a brand driven by online shopping, the brand engaged with Jellyfish to focus on improving automation, marketing segmentation, and media mix portfolio allocation. The brand began advertising on Amazon 6 years ago and utilizes Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands video, and Sponsored Display for campaigns.

Using Amazon APIs for advanced retail and advertising insights

In an effort to provide vendors and sellers with robust Amazon analytics, Jellyfish opted to connect to multiple Amazon tools, specifically the Amazon Ads API, Selling Partner API, Brand Analytics, and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC). Amazon APIs allow for the automation, scale, and optimization of operational activities programmatically, as well as access to advanced reporting functionality. In integrating with these APIs, Jellyfish offers consolidated retail and advertising metrics in a single a view, identifying relevant insights and proactive marketing tactics to drive sales on Amazon. These integrations allow Jellyfish to access detailed geographic insights to improve brand performance at a brand, country, and global level.

Through the consolidations of API-derived metrics, Jellyfish pulled insights for the beauty brand. Specifically, Jellyfish’s teams reviewed the share of advertising-attributed sales to revenue, monitored cannibalization of product sales, and assessed incrementality in sales. This reporting facilitated an understanding of both positive and negative factors to media performance, helping Jellyfish to take actions like improving featured offer opportunities, creating A+ content, and analyzing metrics like click-through-rates (CTRs) and return on advertising spend (ROAS).

For retail planning, the combination of Selling Partner API and Amazon Ads API integrations allowed Jellyfish to optimize product advertising and budget spend. The optimizations are based on product performance, alongside building customer loyalty, and maximizing order value through optimized combinations of ASINs to deliver what customers need at the right time.

The more you know

By working with Jellyfish, the beauty brand was able to reduce cannibalization of their product line, by ensuring products could reach the right customers at the right time, and increase incremental revenue. Ad campaign profitability increased from 2% to 8% (from Q4 2020 to Q4 2021) thanks to retail media insights. The brand’s retail sales index improved by 2x based on advertising spend efficiency.1

Additionally, through the API integrations and automation of systems, Jellyfish’s team saves an average of 5 hours per week on Amazon reporting and insight consolidation, allowing extra resources to refine strategies and experimentations.

"Harvesting the opportunity of the Amazon Ads API is crucial for us, both from a retail and media strategy, operations or performance perspective. Our tech provides, at scale, actionable insights from vendor/seller central and Amazon Ads console. Combined with our retail and media consultancy we support companies with their brand presence and sales efforts on Amazon”

— Luis Pedro Martinez - VP, Sales & Partnerships, Jellyfish

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1 Advertiser-provided data, United States, 2021