Duracell, Pacvue, and Amazon Ads powered up consumers with Twitch and Thursday Night Football

Duracell is a brand that focuses on power through innovation—a fitting mission for a manufacturer of batteries that many consumers use to improve their everyday lives.

“At Duracell the innovation never stops, and we are always looking for ways to deliver a better product to our consumers,” said Alexandra Petit, the Senior Sales Manager for Duracell, Canada. “Duracell is ‘Engineered for More’ by delivering a reliable and high performing product that consumers can trust to work in the moments that matter to them most.”

In Q4 of 2021, Duracell, Pacvue (a SaaS platform for eCommerce advertising), and Amazon Ads decided to apply this innovative thinking to an ambitious marketing strategy that brought together Thursday Night Football, Twitch, Fire TV, Streaming TV ads, Amazon DSP, display ads, sponsored ads, and more to reach audiences across the full funnel in Canada. Previously, Duracell had been a brand focused on return on ad spend (ROAS), with an emphasis on driving sales with every dollar spent. But, for this campaign, Pacvue and Amazon Ads worked to connect with consumers along their customer journeys.

Upgrade from ordinary to optimum: Duracell

How a multi-solution approach helped drive brand love and growth

For this campaign, Duracell Canada wanted to connect with their core audiences of parents and gamers.

“We wanted to reach audiences that have performed well previously wherever they spend their time—Twitch viewers, gamers, parents, and home owners,” said Zach Zaerr, Account Director of Retail Media at Pacvue. “We worked together to identify interesting upper-funnel tests that we could decide to replicate in the future based on total impact to business. We still aim to balance effective lower and mid funnel activity while layering in upper funnel activity to complement what we have mastered at low and mid funnel. We have always aimed to work our way up the funnel, and the back half of 2021 was just the right time for that to begin based on our position in the marketplace.”

To reach new and relevant audiences, Duracell and Pacvue leveraged Amazon Ads products across Amazon.ca, Thursday Night Football, Twitch, Fire TV, and Streaming TV ads. With a focus on consideration and conversion, they used a strategy that involved Amazon DSP and remarketing audiences wherever they spend time. This campaign also worked to reach audiences where they were already shopping, using homepage takeovers during high traffic events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Meanwhile, they made sure to remain present throughout the customer journey with sponsored ads.

“At Duracell, we want to meet our consumers where they are, and Amazon Ads offers great opportunities. For instance, Twitch, Fire TV, and sports events are incremental reach beyond of traditional ads,“ Petit said. “Reaching new consumers beyond the aisle and complementing our displays and sponsored placements on Amazon makes Amazon Ads a great tool to discovery, drive conversion, and boost brand awareness.“

Duracell’s charged up strategy in Canada

This strategy of leveraging multiple Amazon Ads solutions proved to be electric with Canadian consumers. The battery brand saw positive results with streaming TV ads and Twitch video. The campaign delivered +120 million impressions and $2.2 million in sales.1 It also outperformed CPG benchmarks across multiple KPIs: Upper funnel video completion rate for TNF was 97.2%, for streaming TV ads 85%, and Twitch 79%.2 The Black Friday/Cyber Monday activation saw purchase rate, detail page view rate, and new-to-brand customers all above category benchmarks.3

“The results were great with this holistic approach,” Petit said. “In Canada, we accelerated our online retail sales and boosted our brand awareness via a strategic investment by using a mix of upper and lower funnel campaigns during the most critical sales season for batteries.”

Duracell and Pacvue found success by reaching customers through multiple Amazon Ads solutions across where audiences shop, watch, and play.

“Driving success with Amazon Ads comes down to identifying always-on strategies that deliver on key brand success metrics while also taking time and budget to test new strategies,“ Zaerr said.

In 2022, Duracell will continue working with Amazon Ads to help grow the brand and test new ways to reach audiences.

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1-3Amazon Internal Data, 2022