What’s new with sponsored ads and Stores: February 2020

APRIL 1, 2020

By Nick Barton
Product Marketing Program Manager

Below is a roundup of features we released in February.

Sponsored Brands

We’ve increased the height of Sponsored Brands ads on mobile. We made this change to provide a better experience for shoppers and to help drive engagement with your brand and products. In our testing we found that on average, campaigns that used the taller Sponsored Brands ads on mobile saw a 13% increase in click-through rate.1

In order to create campaigns featuring the new, taller mobile ads, your brand logo must meet the Sponsored Brands creative guidelines—visit our Sponsored Brands logo guidelines page to learn more. If your logo doesn’t meet the creative guidelines, your Sponsored Brands ad will continue to appear in the old layout. See our blog post for more information.

Sponsored Display

Bulk operations for Sponsored Display views audiences are now available, helping make campaign management easier and more efficient. Instead of having to make changes one by one within campaign manager in the advertising console, you can now edit multiple Sponsored Display campaigns using a single spreadsheet.

The feature is now available for all vendors and professional sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry in the US. When you download a template in the bulk operations tab, you’ll see the Sponsored Display tab. Visit our Support Center to learn more and download a usage guide.

General enhancements

Manager account in advertising console

Manager account is now available in beta in the Amazon Ads console. With manager account, advertisers and their agencies can link multiple advertising accounts in a single dashboard and view account-level alerts, insights, and performance metrics. Visit our Support Center to learn more.

Default campaign and ad group names in campaign builder

In Seller Central and the advertising console, new ad groups and campaigns are now named by date and time of creation by default, saving you time when submitting a new campaign or saving campaigns in draft. Default names can be edited during campaign creation.

Case log in advertising console Support Center

Case log is now available to all advertisers in the advertising console. After submitting a support case to our contact center, you can now manage communications with support teams directly in the advertising console, instead of in Vendor Central or Seller Central. With this change, you no longer need to open new cases to reply to messages—you can reply directly via case log. You can access case log by going to the Support Center and clicking Case log.

1. Amazon internal, 2019.