Translations available for Sponsored Brands

May 4, 2020 | By Nagaraja Vasudevamurthy, Sr. Technical Program Manager

On many Amazon sites, shoppers are able to select the default language for their shopping and browsing experience. For example, shoppers in Germany who select English as their preferred language will see Amazon content in English. We’ve released a new Sponsored Brands translation feature that helps advertisers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry easily create and manage multi-language content on Amazon, providing shoppers with a more seamless experience and enabling them to engage with Sponsored Brands ads in the language they’ve selected.

The translation feature is currently available for the following languages and regions: Spanish in United States, French in Canada, English in Germany, English and Simplified Chinese in Japan, and Hindi in India.

Translations will only be available for Sponsored Brand campaigns created on or after March 27, 2020. Stores translations will be rolled out over the coming months.

How to get started

After you’ve submitted a Sponsored Brands campaign in one of the supported regions, you’ll see a banner notifying you that Amazon will translate your campaign. If you prefer to provide your own translation, the banner will include a link to submit your translation.

Amazon Marketing Services successful campaign creation page

You can also view and edit translations of existing campaigns in a supported region by navigating to Creative in the left menu and clicking Edit translations.

Edit translation of existing campaign

For more information about translations, visit the Help sections for Sponsored Brands on the advertising console.