How Skai empowers brands to build successful omnichannel marketing solutions

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April 11, 2022 | By Gabriella Kursman, Marketing Manager

Claudia Virgilio, SVP of Global Partnerships at Skai

Claudia Virgilio, SVP of Global Partnerships at Skai

Skai helps brands and agencies automate, scale, and measure their campaigns with a holistic insight-driven advertising software. As part of Skai’s intelligent marketing tools for online retail, paid search, paid social, and app marketing, their solutions help brands and agencies plan, execute, and measure digital campaigns that meet consumers when and where they shop. Built with automation and optimization capabilities, their software enables brands and agencies to manage their online ad campaigns to grow.

Amazon Ads sat down with Claudia Virgilio, SVP of Global Partnerships at Skai, to dive into how Skai uses Amazon DSP and Amazon Attribution to help brands grow their business.

What is the story of Skai?

“Since 2006, we’ve empowered some of the world’s leading brands and agencies across multiple industries to manage omnichannel digital marketing campaigns. Today, our intelligent marketing tools include solutions for online retail, paid search, paid social, and app marketing. With comprehensive insights, omnichannel marketing executions, and measurement tools that work together, we keep brands at the forefront of the retail industry’s evolution, helping to drive powerful growth. Amazon is part of our clients’ strategies and their goals reflect that. We focus on innovating right alongside brands to build valuable solutions and features to supplement Amazon Ad’s capabilities that empower brands to succeed. Our mission is to provide our clients with insights they can trust and use, and impact they can measure.”

Tell us about Skai’s approach to advertising with Amazon Attribution for measurement and Amazon DSP for campaign execution. How do you use these products to help drive success for your advertisers?

“Over the past two years, we’ve seen shifts in shopping patterns. The way customers are browsing, researching and purchasing products has turned the traditional marketing funnel upside down. Using both Amazon Attribution for campaign measurement and Amazon DSP for campaign activation, coupled with online search and social, allow advertisers to have a full-funnel, connected retail marketing strategy to help drive success across the media that matters most. By integrating with Amazon DSP and Amazon Attribution, Skai offers this omnichannel view in one unified tool so brands and agencies alike have full visibility of their advertising and control across their entire marketing program.”

How have learnings from Amazon Attribution and Amazon DSP helped optimize your clients’ full-funnel strategies? How have they helped promote collaboration across your organization?

“An insight-driven full-funnel marketing strategy can drive significant value. An upper-funnel approach with Amazon DSP, alongside a mid-funnel or a cross-channel approach across search and social, allows us to take a 360-degree approach to the customer journey to drive better results. Measurement of each channel through Amazon Attribution is a vital step in understanding the impact of your advertising efforts.

The changes we’ve seen in the way customers shop are also disrupting traditional organizational structures within advertising companies. Online retail, paid search, and paid social once lived in siloed departments. We are seeing these departments come together and collaborate to help customers find products relevant to them with a full-funnel strategy. These teams are not only sharing budgets, but also sharing information and insights to ensure that no matter the marketing channel, the main message drives to the advertiser’s goal.”

How has your Amazon Attribution helped drive deeper partnerships with agencies who leverage Skai to drive search optimizations for their clients anywhere?

“Amazon Attribution allows our clients to maximize the impact of their budget. They can take advantage of our Amazon Ads expertise's search capabilities anywhere customers spend their time to drive additional traffic and revenue from non-Amazon ads. Our clients are experiencing a lot of success, remaining efficient, and increasing sales while keeping costs down.”

Can you share any trends you’ve observed across clients using Amazon Attribution and Amazon DSP? Anything industry-specific or channel specific?

“Our CPG brands are seeing a lot of great success with Amazon Attribution. One key learning is that it’s very important to focus on the creative. One of our large CPG client’s A/B tested using the call-to-action ‘Shop on Amazon’ in their ad copy on search engines, which redirected to their Store. The ads that contained ‘Shop on Amazon’ performed significantly better than the ads that didn’t. Regardless of the channel, it’s important to keep customers at the center. We always need to think about what customers are looking for and what is going to create the best experience. With Amazon DSP, it’s important to note that brands can have many goals beyond ROI. We see brands measuring additional KPIs such as driving traffic and awareness, and using Amazon DSP for specific product launches and promotions. It allows brands to experiment and continue to diversify their playbook. Clients have also experienced success when using Amazon DSP to reach their audiences at different stages of the buying cycle and to encourage brand loyalty, subscriptions, and memberships.”

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