New program helps
advertisers measure off-line
sales impact

November 20, 2020

Amazon Ads is excited to announce a new program to help advertisers measure the sales impact of their Amazon Ads campaigns using their marketing mix model (MMM) providers.

MMM is an analysis comparing product sales to marketing activities and certain macro-economic events over time. It helps guide a brand's basic budgeting and planning by identifying what marketing channels (e.g., linear TV, display, search, radio) and specific publishers (e.g., NBC, NYTimes, Google) drove sales growth, and how efficient each was at doing so.

This new program helps advertisers accurately measure the return from their Amazon Ads campaigns throughout off-line and online channels, including insights about the drivers of return on investment (ROI).

The marketing mix model program offers:

Information access: Eligible MMM providers can directly access standardized campaign information across all relevant Amazon Ads display, sponsored ads, and streaming TV media in a single file. Advertisers no longer need to coordinate between MMM partners and Amazon Ads to arrange for MMM delivery. Campaign Information includes creative ad type, ad size, and other metadata at the weekly level.

Simplicity: Advertisers and MMM partners will no longer need to aggregate advertising and retail information across their agency, vendor, and Amazon—Amazon Ads now works directly with third-party MMM vendors to provide a single file.

Eligibility: Any advertiser that sells on Amazon can incorporate Amazon retail information into their MMM. In addition, advertisers that do MMM in-house can obtain access to this information.

Expertise: Amazon provides dedicated training, resources and specialists to MMM partners to better understand Amazon Ads products and best practices for incorporating Amazon retail information into their model methodologies.

Actionability: We provide support to analytics media managers to help them interpret results and understand the drivers of ROI. Since we help with insights across a large number of advertisers, we can provide recommendations on strategies that can drive ROI improvements over time.

Amazon Ads is excited to work with Analytic Partners, Ipsos MMA, IRI, and Nielsen as initial select providers in our MMM program to expand advertiser insights wherever they spend time effects of their Amazon Ads campaigns.

For questions or to set up a study, please reach out to your Amazon Ads account executive or contact us.