Finding inspiration: The Amazon Ads Partner Network welcomes a new creative community

March 16, 2022

From engaging video to compelling photos and more, the Amazon Ads Partner Network is welcoming a new creative community to its roster: creative and brand experience partners. The Partner Network is a self-service hub for agencies and tool providers to manage their business relationships with Amazon Ads. Whether you specialize in an advertising product or offer advertising services, you can join the Partner Network to learn more about new products, access training and resources, and manage your Amazon Ads business.

In the Partner Network, admin users can now designate “creative and brand experience” to their company’s Amazon Ads partner directory listing, allowing for brands, sellers, and agencies to find creative partners.

Creative and brand experience partners can drive the output of quality content and services for brands and sellers. These services the creative and brand experience partners provide can then complement the campaign management and measurement aspects of the advertising lifecycle. These partners may produce videography, photography, creative optimization, copy editing, and more, and help support Amazon Ads products like Stores, video ads, Sponsored Display, and more.

Get to know some creative and brand experience partners, and their creative work with Amazon Ads:


Genero’s creative services offers a seamless end-to-end production workflow to Amazon advertisers. This allows them to connect with experienced production companies, editors, photographers, designers, animators, and other creators globally to generate creative ideas for their campaigns and easily manage their Amazon Ads asset production, feedback, communication, and payments.

"By providing highly efficient creative productions solutions and access to a global network of creatives, who are ready to design and produce Amazon Ads for any audience, we’re excited to help brands of all sizes to grow their business using Amazon Ads. With the Partner Network resources, we’ll ensure both our clients and creators are provided all the best practices and trends, so they’re ahead of the game when it comes to Amazon Ads."

Matt Perry, Managing Director, NA, Genero

Kaizen Ad

Kaizen Ad is one of the first Amazon-approved creative partners to support video across Amazon Ads offerings, including Sponsored Brands video, Amazon DSP, online video (OLV), Streaming TV ads, and Amazon product and Store page videos.

Recently, Kaizen Ad created a variety of Streaming TV assets for Stonebriar’s tea light and pillar candle products, providing an assortment of evergreen and seasonal creatives that would help reach new audiences. Success metrics for the new Streaming TV campaign—aimed at building brand awareness—included increasing video impressions, completions, and click-through rates.

Learn more about how Kaizen Ad built brand awareness with compelling Streaming TV ads, here.


Perpetua empowers brands, sellers, and agencies to focus on strategy, while their always-on ad engine executes tactically with omni-channel marketing across sponsored ads, Amazon DSP, Streaming TV ads, and Amazon Marketing Cloud.

Recently, Perpetua began work with Welly, a brand specializing in medical bandages and band aids. Welly wanted to launch a 30-second Streaming TV placement on Amazon to grow awareness of their products as a part of their channel growth strategy. Through Perpetua's Creative Studios, Welly's Streaming TV video was developed and launched pre-summer as a test. Since launching their Streaming TV spot, Welly has seen an 457% increase month-over-month in branded search, 4x growth in total sales, and a 71% increase in new-to-brand sales.1

Check out Welly’s 30-second Streaming TV ads spot below.

Welly’s 30-second Streaming TV ad spot


Shuttlerock’s streamlined creative tool, ShuttlerockCloud, provides a central hub where advertisers can brief-in, manage, and deploy Amazon Ads creatives quickly and easily via an Amazon Ads API integration between Amazon Ads and ShuttlerockCloud.

“We’re thrilled to add Amazon Ads to our elite list of partners. Together, we’ll empower advertisers to generate brand awareness, expand reach, and leave a lasting impact on customers.”

Jonny Mole, SVP Global Partnerships at Shuttlerock

Get to know who Shuttlerock has worked with and how they inspire, engage, and convert shoppers.

Shuttlerock ad


VidMob is an all-in-one intelligent creative tool to help marketers make measurably better creative at speed and scale. VidMob can transform a marketing process to deliver custom creative assets optimized for Amazon Ads based on a brand’s unique goals. VidMob’s technology pairs brand-specific creative insights, Amazon Ads best practices, and creative expertise that brands can use to help boost marketing performance and grow their business in Amazon’s store.

Brita came to VidMob to help create and optimize performance of their Sponsored Brands videos to boost product education and sales. VidMob produced three product videos for Brita, showcasing the Brita water pitcher, water bottle, and filter with unique messaging and visuals for each.

View one of the three videos below to see the product education come to life.

Brita Sponsored Brands video


4KMILES is a leader in delivering a full suite of digital commerce solutions to Chinese cross-border sellers. One of their brand marketing services is video creation. 4KMILES not only focuses on displaying the selling points of products intuitively and clearly, but also conveys user experience to enhance the appeal of content.

Through consistency in brand tone in a Sponsored Brands video, consumers can become aware of and feel an affinity to a brand’s tone and products. The depiction of the tonality of a video can start from the plot, scene, font, and concept.

Preview a video 4KMILES created for Hooke Road, exhibiting Hooke Road’s brand mission of creating a difference on your ride through the transformation of car accessories.

Hooke Road ad by 4KMILES

For a full list of creative and brand experience partners and to learn more about Amazon Ads, visit the Partner Network.

1 Amazon internal, 2022