New courses and certifications from Amazon Ads

MAY 4, 2020

By Jeannie Gjersee
Amazon Ads Certification Program Manager

The Amazon Ads learning console is a learning management system that provides a comprehensive and holistic learning experience for our advertising customers. We launched the learning console to enable advertisers globally to learn about Amazon Ads products and services, and become certified in specific topics.

You can take individual courses to quickly learn new skills, or you can dive deep into a topic area by completing learning paths. Learning paths are comprised of multiple modules that allow you to gain expertise and become certified in specific topic areas. Individuals can validate their knowledge and demonstrate achievements by sharing certification badges with colleagues, clients, and their social network. We continue to grow our course catalog and certifications to support our advertising customers and their needs.

quoteUpOur goal with the learning console is to educate all our customers on the topics that matter to them, so they can be successful with Amazon’s marketing tools. We are excited about all the new training modules, from measurement solutions to campaign strategies.quoteDown
– Matt Carr, Digital Advertising Director

Here are 4 things for you to know about the learning console and Certification Program:

  1. It’s designed for all experience levels. New advertisers will learn simple tips for choosing keywords, setting budgets that meet their needs, and launching successful ad campaigns, while more experienced advertisers can find advanced tactics to help optimize their performance and spend. When searching for activities, the Topics filter has three difficulty options to choose from- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You will also receive course recommendations to support you as you dive into the content.
  2. Learning console interface
  3. It fits your schedule. You can browse topics and take individual courses to quickly learn new skills or complete learning paths on your own schedule, from a desktop or mobile device. If you leave a course, we will save your progress and you can resume where you left off.
  4. Topics on learning console
  5. You can earn certifications. In the “Get certified” section of the learning console, we offer certifications that allow you to validate your proficiency in specific topics. If you pass a Certification Assessment, you will earn an Amazon Ads digital certification badge for that topic. If you do not pass, don’t worry! You can retake the assessment after 24 hours, which gives you time to review the optional course material and your assessment summary results to see which topics to revisit.
  6. Response page
  7. You can highlight your achievements. Once you have successfully passed a Certification Assessment, you can find your completion badge in your learning console profile. You can share them with your employer and through social networks, like LinkedIn.
  8. Certification completion badge
quoteUpI thought the content was current and kept with overall strategy. I know continual education is always a need and this is a great learning format. Thank you.quoteDown
– user from Smark Consulting

Visit the learning console to see how it can help you sharpen your advertising skills and grow your business on Amazon.