New feature: Manage multiple advertising accounts in a single dashboard

October 01, 2020

By Pratham Sarin
Sr. Product Manager

Manager account is now available to sellers, vendors, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors, advertisers with Amazon DSP accounts, and agencies in the Amazon Advertising console. With manager account, advertisers and their agencies can link multiple advertising accounts so that they can manage users, handle billing,* and view account-level alerts, insights, and performance metrics in a single dashboard.

Screenshot of manager account  drop down

What accounts can I link?

  • Unified view for advertisers: If you are an agency or an advertiser who operates a seller, vendor, and/or DSP advertising account, you can now use manager account for a consolidated view of your metrics, billing summary, and user management.
  • Multi-marketplace advertising: If you operate in multiple marketplaces, you can now link multiple country-specific accounts into a single regional manager account. You can link European accounts for UK, FR, DE, IT, and ES, or you can link North American accounts for US, CA, and MX.

What are the benefits of a manager account?

A manager account gives you a comprehensive view of alerts and insights for all of your linked accounts. Export metrics—such as sales, spend, orders, click-through rate, impressions, new-to-brand, clicks, and cost per click—as a CSV file to help you understand campaign performance for all your linked accounts. Use the sort feature to quickly identify whether an account is performing as expected. Easily view and take action on alerts, such as payment due and account suspension.

Screenshot of manager account dashboard

A manager account dashboard

Billing and payments*: Now you can view a consolidated list of billing actions on the billing and payments page. Using the billing dashboard, you can view payment status, amount due, and unpaid invoices for all accounts. Your finance team can view and export all unpaid invoice details (marketplace, account name, company name, invoice due date, amount outstanding, etc.) in a CSV file for all accounts. Click to the billing and payments page of individual accounts to complete the payment.

*At this time, the billing and payment dashboard is currently unavailable for Amazon DSP accounts.

Screenshot of manager account billing and payment dashboard

Access management: In a few clicks, you can add or remove accounts and give access to your team members.

Screenshot of manager account access management dashboard

How can I get started?

This feature is currently available to all advertising console users who manage multiple accounts. To get started, sign in to the advertising console with your existing credentials. Create your manager account by choosing a name, selecting the account type, and linking your accounts.

For more information, please visit our help page.

Note: Brand information in screenshots is fictitious and for illustrative purposes only.