Logitech’s stylized computer accessories turns gray workspaces into technicolor

August 21, 2023 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

Consumers today want color. They want style. They want to express themselves, says Marjorie Borreda-Martinez, who leads global retail media strategy for Logitech, an international technology company that designs hardware and software solutions that help businesses thrive and bring consumers together when working, creating, gaming, and streaming. This is very different from the traditional grayscale computer accessories that have dominated workspaces for years, she adds.

Seeing young-adult audiences, who gravitate toward more personalized and colorful products ranging from the clothes they wear to the phone cases they carry, made Logitech realize there was an opportunity for them to create products that connect with these consumers.

This inspired the Logitech team to design two product lines that featured stylized computer accessories to reach a more lifestyle-minded audience. These colorful product lines, Pebble and POP (short for “personality traits that POP”), were released a few years apart, but the brand needed to bring awareness to their offerings. Logitech turned to Amazon Ads to help them bring these product lines to relevant audiences using a strategy that leveraged in-person event activations, Amazon audiences, and Amazon Live.

Amazon Ads sat down Beatrice Aujouannet, global head of online channels, and Marjorie Borreda-Martinez, global head of e-tail, to learn about how Logitech implemented a full-funnel strategy to bring their lifestyle-inspired products to young-adult audiences with the help of Amazon Ads and Amazon Style. Dive into their interview below to see how Logitech created and launched these successful campaigns.

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What inspired Logitech to want to connect with lifestyle audiences?

Marjorie Borreda-Martinez: Traditionally, many of our spaces, like personal spaces, workspaces, and desk spaces, have little room for self-expression. But younger generations of consumers are changing the way they use those spaces. We’ve seen these consumers transformed their personal and public spaces into canvases of self-expression, from the clothes they wear, to the products they purchase, to the technology they use. That’s what inspired us to create a colorful and stylish product line because having a mouse, headset, keyboard, or even webcam can help represent consumers’ styles.

In 2018, we launched Pebble, which is a colorful collection. The K380 line of keyboards and mice, for example, featured new colors that are simple, but also attractive, fun, and spirited, and stand out from “traditional” keyboards and mice. And in 2020, we launched the POP collection, which stands for “personality traits that POP,” which featured mechanical keyboards and included the option for consumers to add customizable emojis to their products.

How did Logitech work with Amazon Ads to drive excitement for these products?

Beatrice Aujouannet: We wanted to drive awareness for these new product lines, so we worked with Amazon Ads to develop a marketing plan. In September 2022, we were the first consumer electronic brand placed in the first Amazon Style store in Glendale, California. We were also a part of the Amazon Live Fashion series, which included four episodes over four weeks, and showed Amazon Live influencers demonstrating our accessories during a livestream, and it included an interactive live chat with audiences.

We had great visibility with the livestream being featured on both the Amazon.com homepage and the Amazon women’s fashion homepage. Additionally, in 2023, we were also a part of the Amazon Style store launch in Ohio, and our K380 pink keyboard was the No. 1 item sold the first day of the opening.1

Were these launches with Amazon Ads and Amazon Fashion successful?

M.B.M.: Overall, the campaigns generated 1.4 million views and 2.9 million impressions with the livestreams, and 61% of the sales were from new-to-brand customers.2 To be honest, nobody on our team was 100% sure on how the fashion and lifestyle consumers would react to our products in this new environment. We were really excited to see that engagement and sales were way higher than expected.

What is the next evolution of the brand’s full-funnel strategy? What does Logitech want to do next?

B.A.: Our work with Amazon Ads has grown from an always-off and transactional approach to an always-on, full-funnel approach over the years. We are convinced that full-funnel advertising is the key to not only increasing engagement with our brand and our category, but also the key to increasing engagement by going beyond to reach incremental consumers who may not know the benefits of something like attaching an external webcam to a monitor. That’s why we value solutions like Amazon audiences, which help us understand audience insights that are based on purchase signals, which help us set up the best campaigns for our customers.

And with the Amazon Ads team, we are now building three-year strategic advertising road map, including multi-brands custom campaigns, a collaboration with Twitch, and leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) insights. We are interested in pioneering the usage of the AMC to better understand the connection between the different parts of the funnel. Because the most important thing for us is to be consumer-centric.

1 Amazon internal data, US, 2023
2 Amazon internal data, US, 2022–2023