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Telecom marketing

Consumers are more connected than ever before, with twenty-five connected devices in the average US household.1 As customers look for services to support their needs, learn how Amazon Ads can help them discover your brand.

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Make the next switch their last

Amazon Ads can help you connect with Telco customers who are still figuring things out, including their phone, Wi-Fi and more.

The telecom industry today

As remote work continues to expand, so do customers’ connectivity needs.2 They’re looking for more entertainment options as they spend more time at home watching their favourite shows, playing their favourite games and making important calls.3 Many are also upgrading their services to meet their needs: of the two-thirds of households that have smart devices, 39% paid to increase their internet speed.4 As consumer behaviours evolve, brands providing these essential services have an opportunity to reach new customers, creating campaigns that can help drive awareness and consideration while also building trust.

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Telecom marketing trends

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Streaming is an important consideration for telecom customers. 83% of Amazon shoppers are streamers, and they’re 125% more likely to switch internet service providers.5

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Subscriptions to virtual multichannel video programming distributors – vMVPDs – are growing, and are expected to reach 15M households in 2022.6

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vMVPD customers aren’t brand loyal; they use a total of 4.5 services on average, and the majority have used their current providers for less than a year.7

Challenges facing the telecom industry

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Navigating 5G

5G has arrived, and brands may need to educate consumers about the technology and its benefits to drive adoption and prevent marketplace confusion.

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Customer retention

vMVPD customers consider an average of 2.5 services before signing up, with 95% enrolling in a free trial before committing.8 With more options available than ever before, brands may want to consider new ways to help drive loyalty after trial periods end.

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Connectivity matters

Connectivity issues present challenges for both subscribers and businesses. As working from home continues, 35% of US workers say they don’t have internet fast enough to handle tasks like video calls.9

Insights for telecom marketers

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30% of vMVPD customers who shop in Amazon’s store visit daily.10

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65% of vMVPD customers would be open to switching to a standard cable or satellite service.11

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Amazon shoppers are 40% more likely than the average adult to play video games.12

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60% of college students say they spend more time on Amazon than other online sources when looking to purchase a smartphone. 95% say the service plan is important to their decision.13

Telecom marketing solutions

Meet audiences where they are

Reach relevant audiences across wireless and cable and drive brand awareness with ad products such as Streaming TV ads, audio ads and Amazon DSP with a focus on ads wherever they spend time or ads with link-out creative to your brand site.

Make data-driven decisions

Use Amazon shopping insights on Amazon Marketing cloud to reach new relevant audiences, wherever they spend time, across desktop and mobile devices. Use Amazon first-party insights to accurately measure your advertising’s impact on how consumers discover, research and purchase services across various touch points. Consider remarketing opportunities that help drive audiences to conversion and encourage brand loyalty.

Create engaging customer experiences

Amazon’s Custom Advertising team can help your brand stand out to customers by creating campaigns around upcoming promotions, device launches and bundled deals. The Custom Advertising team team helps brands bring their stories to life with memorable experiences that can surprise and delight customers.

Interactive ads

Provide telecom audiences with an easy way to take the next step with your brand through audio, video and interactive ad offerings on Amazon.

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