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How can Amazon Advertising fit into your marketing strategy? Learn about the advertising solutions we can offer your business to help you engage entertainment audiences, on and off Amazon.

Amazon provides advertising solutions that can help theatrical and home entertainment advertisers reach audiences at scale.

Amazon Advertising connects you to entertainment consumers through a combination of advertising products, custom solutions, audiences and reporting across Amazon, IMDb, Amazon devices and third-party websites and apps. Use our advertising products to help drive brand awareness, consideration and purchase of your TV, streaming, film and home entertainment content and products.

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How Amazon Advertising can help drive your marketing strategy

Learn what our ad products can offer to entertainment advertisers.

Millions of entertainment consumers

Amazon is an entertainment destination, offering entertainment content to audiences through Amazon, Fire TV, IMDb, Twitch, Goodreads, Audible, Amazon Music, live sports on Prime Video and more. Amazon helps customers discover, purchase and tune in to new films, TV premieres, channel offerings and live TV programming at home, on the go and at the cinema.

Reaching audiences where and when they discover content

Content consumption habits are changing with the rise of mobile, streaming services and video on demand.1 Amazon Advertising enables you to engage with audiences across touchpoints, as they discover and purchase entertainment content across multiple channels and sites.

Cross-channel advertising experiences both on and off Amazon

Engage audiences through multiple channels, from display and video ads on Amazon devices to takeovers on IMDb, and custom advertising programs that include on box ad placements and experiential marketing opportunities. This multi-channel integration can help your advertising campaigns meet your brand awareness, consideration and conversion goals.

Measurable results across your entertainment business

Drive awareness and demand for premium content across its full life cycle as it moves from cinematic release or live TV premiere to video on demand and packaged media. Promote consideration of related offerings and merchandise to deliver results across the full spectrum of your business.

1The Nielsen Total Audience Report, Q1 2019, US.

Case study: 20th Century Fox

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20th Century Fox wanted to build awareness and drive sales for the UK release of the award-winning film Bohemian Rhapsody on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon Prime Video.

How entertainment advertisers can use Amazon Advertising

Match our advertising product options to your marketing goals.

Brand advertising

Drive audience awareness for your upcoming film premiere or home entertainment release by using unique storytelling vehicles that excite and surprise audiences in new ways. Possibilities range from display advertising on Fire TV, to video and OTT (over-the-top) video ads across third-party apps, ad-supported live sports, curated news app and IMDb TV, to offline custom advertising with Prime Now or on-box advertising.

Performance marketing

Drive on-Amazon sales of merchandise such as DVDs, Blu-rays and licensed toys with remarketing through ad products such as Amazon DSP and Sponsored Display, and product discovery through Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. Drive awareness and downloads of streaming content with ad placements on Fire TV and IMDb.

Audience insights

Amazon’s entertainment lifestyle audiences allow advertisers to reach viewers interested in certain types of entertainment content based on their streaming activities across Amazon-supported apps and devices. These include audiences that indicate a favourite film genre or a preferred cable or network TV subscription.

Entertainment industry insights

Amazon shoppers are active entertainment consumers.

• 91% of Amazon shoppers and 89% of IMDb visitors are TV viewers (inclusive of both linear and streaming).2

• 83% of Amazon shoppers stream video content.3

• More than 60% of Amazon shoppers say they consult IMDb before deciding to watch a TV programme. 4

• 55% of cinemagoers mention Amazon as one of the places where they have bought DVDs, and 51% mention Amazon as one of the places where they have bought/rented digital films.5

Amazon Advertising products, including placements on Amazon and IMDb, can help you reach these audiences at multiple touchpoints throughout the entire entertainment consumer journey.

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2comScore, Plan Metrix, July 2019, US. The study defined Amazon shoppers as those who visited Amazon.com in July 2019.
3Kantar and Amazon Advertising TV viewers study, August 2020, US.
4Kantar and Amazon Advertising TV viewers study, August 2020, US.
5Comscore custom survey, 2019, US. The study surveyed 1,050 cinemagoers who went to the cinema in the last six months, and is representative of the US population of cinemagoers.

Getting started

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