Launch announcement

Sponsored Display launches video creative capabilities for advertisers in new marketplaces

1 March 2023

What’s launched?

Sponsored Display has expanded video creative capabilities for advertisers in Belgium, Egypt, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Turkey. The new video format empowers advertisers to showcase their products and brand through immersive storytelling (e.g. tutorials, demos, unboxing and testimonials). Advertisers using Sponsored Display audiences or contextual targeting can build awareness and consideration of their products and brand wherever they spend time using a video ad format.

Why is it important?

Advertisers can now choose to customize creatives using a headline and logo, image or video through Sponsored Display’s self-service display solution that helps grow their business with Amazon across more marketplaces. The new video creative capability supports videos up to 45 seconds so advertisers can better tell their stories to customers, helping them understand the product and brand with more engaging content.

Video creatives can help advertisers tell better stories while serving ads wherever they spend time in their own visual language, helping shoppers get excited about the brand and product experience. If insights on creative are available that helps drive traffic or engagement, advertisers can use that creative for their Amazon Ads campaigns. Ads will link directly to the advertiser’s product detail pages, so audiences can learn more about their product and consider purchasing.

Example video ad on offsite web pages
Example video ad on Amazon
Example video ad on Amazon

Examples of video ads on offsite webpages and on Amazon

Where is the feature available?

  • Europe: Belgium, Poland, Turkey
  • Middle East: Egypt, Saudi Arabia
  • Asia Pacific: Singapore

Who can use it?

  • Vendors
  • Registered sellers

Where do I access it?