Sponsored Display downloadable reports

17 December 2020

What’s launched?

We’ve launched Sponsored Display downloadable reporting in the advertising console for vendors and sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. Downloadable reports are available for product targeting campaigns that were created after 1 September 2020 and views remarketing campaigns created after 17 November 2020.

Why is it important?

These reports allow you to more deeply analyse campaign performance to help optimise and manage your campaigns. This release consists of four separate reports, including:

Campaign report: The campaign report provides you with your Sponsored Display performance aggregated by campaign.

Targeting report: For all campaigns that received at least one impression, targeting reports provide performance metrics for the targeted audiences, which can be reviewed at an account level. You can use these reports to see how targeted products or audiences perform over time, informing adjustments to bid and targeting strategies.

Advertised product report: Advertised product reports provide insight into sales and performance metrics for advertised products in all campaigns that received at least one impression. You can use this report to analyse the performance of individual products. When you see products with strong performance, you can help increase the reach of these advertised products by increasing bids, extending campaign end dates or broadening targeting.

Purchased product report (sellers only): Purchased product reports provide details on your non-advertised products that were purchased by shoppers after they clicked on your Sponsored Display ads. This report helps you to identify new products within your portfolio that you might consider advertising, identify new cross-selling product targeting opportunities and also to uncover insights into shoppers’ buying behaviour.

Scheduling any report gives you the ease of getting your Sponsored Display performance delivered to your email address on a regular basis. With flexible reporting periods and segmentation options, you can analyse campaign performance over time in an offline report.

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