Launch announcement

Sponsored Display is now available for advertisers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

12 December 2022

What’s been launched?

Sponsored Display contextual targeting and audiences is now available to advertisers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Why is it important?

Vendors and registered sellers in these countries now have access to Sponsored Display, helping them reach relevant audiences throughout their shopping and entertainment journeys with self-service, programmatic display ads that can be created in just a few clicks. Sponsored Display audiences allows you to use Amazon’s rich shopping and streaming signals to help grow your business. Advertisers can use contextual targeting to help generate detail page traffic and then lean into audience strategies to reengage audiences to help secure missed sales opportunities or further cultivate brand loyalty.

Advertisers can add up to 10,000 products to a campaign and benefit from retail awareness so that marketing campaigns will pause if products go out of stock. Advertisers using Sponsored Display can also customize their creatives choosing any combination of video, headline, logo or lifestyle image to help audiences discover their brands and products.

Where is the feature available?

  • Europe: Turkey
  • Middle East: Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Who can use it?

  • Vendors
  • Registered sellers

Where do I access it?