Product improvement recommendations for advertised products

31 August 2021

What’s been launched?

In Campaign Manager, advertisers can see listing improvements available to help drive advertised product performance. Amazon now surfaces potential listing improvement opportunities for products within ad groups of existing Sponsored Products campaigns. For example, we might recommend that you add more bullet points or product images to an ASIN to help customers make a more informed purchase decision.

Why is it important?

Advertisers can now get a detailed understanding of how to improve the ASINs in their ad-campaigns, directly within the ad console. Recommendations are specific to products and include adding critical missing information such as description and product search keywords. Taking these recommendations can help increase the chances of customers clicking on and engaging with your advertised products.

Here are the recommendations you might now find for your products within Campaign Manager:

  • Create a strong product title: An informative, easy-to-read title lets shoppers quickly learn key facts about your product. We recommend titles between 25 and 200 characters. Ideally, they should be around 60.
  • Feature at least four images: Including four or more images on your detail page can increase sales and clicks.
  • Feature zoomable images: Images can show your product from different angles and highlight important details. Make sure your images are at least 1000 px in height or width to enable the zoom function, so shoppers can get a closer look.
  • Enhance your detail page with A+ content: A+ content lets you describe your product features using enhanced images, text placements and stories. It is only available to sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Add search terms for your product: To help shoppers find your product, add search terms they are likely to use when looking for it.
  • Provide a helpful and detailed product description: Your product description can go beyond the simple features included in your bullet points. Use it to capture your product's benefits, uses and value proposition in a short, engaging narrative.
  • Include at least three bullet points on your detail page: Bullet points can give shoppers a clear overview of your product's key features. Ideas to consider: contents, uses, dimensions, operational considerations, age rating, skill level and country of origin.

Where is the feature available?

  • North America: United States, Canada, Mexico
  • South America: Brazil
  • Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands
  • Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, Japan, India, Singapore

Who can use it?

  • Sellers

Where do I access it?

  • Advertising console