Launch announcement

Increase the chance to get your Amazon DSP creative approved

12 February 2024

What’s launched?

We recently introduced a few enhancements to Amazon DSP’s new standard display creative that can make it easier to create a creative and more likely to get it approved:

Pre-moderation guardrails are a suite of inline warnings, powered by machine-learning models, that help customers identify potential policy violation early on. With this feature, customers can make adjustments before a creative is sent to moderation. The warnings appear as shown below:


Pre-moderation guardrails

The asset picker allows an advertiser to reuse assets stored in creative assets and across different ads programmes on Amazon Ads. Reusing assets reduces time to create a new creative and in the future will allow Amazon DSP customers to easily expand their creatives and transform their assets.


Choose from Asset Library

Choose from creative assets

Choose an asset that has previously been uploaded

Help Me Here is a product experience that gives Amazon DSP traders useful, timely and relevant assistance to guide workflow and through in-app help content.

Campaign Manager

Help Me Here panel

Why is it important?

Since its launch, standard display creative doubled average sizes used in a display line item, which directly improves campaign delivery. It also increased impressions per creative by 10x, which means the time to create a creative is reduced to 1/11th for an advertiser to run a campaign with the same impression count.

Over the past two months, we continued to bring more enhancements to standard display. These enhancements have shown to reduce creative rejection rates and time to create a creative in other creative templates and will make the creative management workflow even more effective and efficient.

Where is the feature available?

  • North America: United States, Canada, Mexico
  • South America: Brazil
  • Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Luxemborg, Turkey
  • Middle East: Isreal, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, China, Singapore

Who can use it?

  • Managed service
  • Self-service

Where do I access it?