Reach more customers with Sponsored Display – even if you don’t sell in the Amazon store

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Even if you don’t sell in the Amazon store, you can still use our ads to help grow your business.1 With Sponsored Display (beta), you can reach new potential customers for your business in the Amazon store and third-party destinations, and connect with them at moments that matter – whether they’re in a shopping mindset, engaging with their favourite content or simply looking for inspiration.

Designed for businesses of any size, with any budget – even if you’re completely new to display advertising – Sponsored Display takes the complexity out of it all. You can create compelling display ads to showcase your business and start engaging Amazon audiences in just a few clicks.

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Here’s how to set up your Sponsored Display campaign:

Get started

Sign in to your account. Click “Create campaign”, choose Sponsored Display and give your campaign a brief, descriptive name.

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Choose your settings

1. Define the campaign’s start and end dates, and choose your daily budget. You can change your budget at any time, depending on your business needs.



Run your campaign with no end date.



Create an ad group to help you organise and manage ads within a campaign. You can group your ads by theme or audience strategy as examples.

2. Select your campaign bidding strategy and optimise your bid for the outcome you’re prioritising: page visits or reach.

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Did you know? Your cost type is determined by your business goal and bidding strategy: This is either cost-per-click (CPC) if you want optimise for page visits to your site, or cost-per-mille viewable impressions (vCPM) if you optimise for reach.

FYI: Select a combination of postcodes, cities, designated market areas or states – depending on where your business is located or the areas you serve – to help you reach relevant customers.

3. Define your audience tactic. There are three ways that you can find the right customers for your business:

  • Views help you reach customers based on what they’re browsing on
  • Purchases help you find customers who have purchased products on Amazon that are relevant to your business.
  • Amazon audiences let you choose from four pre-built customer segments including life events, in-market, lifestyle and interests to identify your target audience.


Choose an audience that describes your core customers, such as “yoga enthusiasts” or “foodies”.

Customise your ad

Give your ad a name, select your own landing page on your site, and add your creative – you’ll need a brand logo, custom headline and custom image.

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did you know

Did you know? Once you’ve added your creative assets, your ad will automatically be optimised for different size variations, placements and devices, so you won’t need to crop or customise your assets.

Launch your campaign

Next, launch your Sponsored Display campaign.
(See? We told you it was that easy.)

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Sponsored Display campaign

1 If you do not sell directly in the Amazon store, Sponsored Display (beta) is only available in the U.S.