An introduction to budget rules

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Watch our two-part video series to learn about budget rules, including what they are and how to use them.

Budget rules, a feature within campaign manager, helps you manage and optimise your advertising budget. It can automatically increase your budget during a specific time frame, or when your campaign hits a certain performance target.

You can use budget rules to help

  • Keep top-performing campaigns running, and prevent budget being spent on under-performing campaigns
  • Reduce your time spent monitoring and manually adjusting your campaigns
  • Optimise your budget for key events, with personalised recommendations

There are two types of budget rules:

  • Schedule-based rules allow you to set budgets in advance for special events, such as Prime Day and Halloween or during a date range of your choice
    • For example, during an important shopping event, such as Black Friday, you can set your budget to increase by 50%, to help make the most of the anticipated increase in shoppers.
  • Performance-based rules will increase your campaign budget when your campaign meets a certain performance threshold, such as return on ad spend (ROAS), click-through rate or conversion rate.
    • For example, if you want your budget to increase when your campaign is performing well, you could set your budget to by 20% when your ROAS hits five.

Make sure to apply budget rules during your next important moment, to help make the most of your campaign.

With budget rules, you can more easily manage and optimise your budget. In this video, we’ll talk you through the steps for setting up a budget rule.

To create or update a budget rule for an existing campaign,

  • Go to campaign manager
  • Select the campaign you want to create a budget rule for
  • Click “Budget rules” from the side bar
  • And hit “Add budget rule”

First off, give your budget rule a name. Then, select the type of rule you want to create. Let’s start with schedule-based rules.

  • Select the “Schedule” option under “Type”
    • Under date range, select either a recommended event or a specific date range
    • Input the percentage increase you would like to utilise for the event
    • And click “Add budget rule”
  • Now, let’s take a look at performance-based rule:
    • Select the “Performance” option under “Type”
    • Under date range, select either a recommended event or a specific date range
    • Add your preferred performance metric threshold
    • Click “Add budget rule”

Once you’ve added your budget rule, the budget for your selected campaign will automatically adjust based on your preferences, during the date range you selected.

Make sure to monitor how your campaigns perform based on these new rules.