What is brand positioning and why is it important?

Brand positioning is a marketing term that refers to the unique value that a brand presents to its customer. A brand positioning statement is a document that defines how a company articulates the value their brand brings to target customers.

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What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning refers to the unique value that a brand presents to its customer. It is a marketing strategy brands create to establish their brand identity while conveying their value proposition, which is the reason why a customer would prefer their brand over others. Additionally, brand positioning is used when a company wants to position themselves in a certain way to their audiences in order for customers to create associations between the brand and its value proposition.

Brand positioning

What is a brand positioning statement?

A brand positioning statement is an internal positioning summary that companies use to articulate and promote the value their brand brings to a target market and their customers. It is used as a way to articulate a brand’s value proposition in a succinct way. Typically, brand positioning statements are part of a brand’s larger marketing strategy – and these statements should be a balance of both aspiration and reality.

When creating a brand positioning statement, it is important to consider the following:

  • Who is the target market or customer?
  • What is your product or service category?
  • What is the greatest benefit and impact of your product or service?
  • What is the proof of that benefit and impact?

By answering these questions within a brand positioning statement, companies are distributing a clear value proposition that sets them apart from competitors, but more importantly provides their brand’s value to customers.

Why is brand positioning important?

Brand positioning is important for a company to have a clear way to share the value their brand brings to customers. This happens both internally through a brand positioning statement and externally through various marketing strategies to which a brand positioning statement ladders up. Brands should address who their customer is and their value proposition within their brand positioning statement to maintain relevancy while being realistic.

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How do you create a brand positioning strategy?

There are various ways through which companies can create and scale out a brand positioning strategy, depending on the size, mission and segment of the brand.

  1. Understand how your brand is currently positioning itself.
  2. Determine your unique value proposition.
  3. Identify your competitors and their positioning.
  4. Create your positioning statement.
  5. Evaluate and test whether your positioning works.
  6. Reinforce your brand’s differentiating qualities.

The above steps are intended to help brands dive deep into what differentiates their brand while illustrating the unique value customers will gain from the brand’s product or service. By focusing on what brands can offer to their target market, they can create an impactful brand positioning strategy that resonates with customers.

Examples of brand positioning

Let’s take a look at some iconic brands that have effectively leveraged brand positioning as part of their larger brand strategy to reach their target market.

McDonald’s brand positioning

McDonald’s sets itself apart by promoting its customers both exceptional service and consistency among its food products, across its many locations. The company’s dedication to delighting its customers through subliminal customer satisfaction and dedication to improving its operations is received through the way the brand positions itself.

Dove’s brand positioning

Through its personal care products, Dove sets itself apart by focusing on the natural and real beauty of women. Their brand positioning strategy emphasises the way in which all women can embrace their authentic self through the use of their products. Dove utilises brand campaigns and other marketing tactics to position themselves in an impactful way while resonating with their customers.

Disha Publication’s brand positioning

Disha Publication is a dominant player in the publication world and has positioned their brand on Amazon, through sponsored ads, to become a trusted name for a wide range of academic disciplines. With sponsored ads, Disha Publication’s sales skyrocketed, ultimately, strengthening their brand positioning on Amazon.