Setting up and optimising your Store above the fold

Stores are curated destinations on Amazon where you can display your brand and products. Each Store can contain different features to showcase a brand’s product offerings and enhance the shopping experience. In this article, we will explain the “above the fold” section of a Store, why it’s important, and how you can make it work for you.

In printing and editorial spaces, the term “above the fold” describes the content in the top section of a newsletter publication or above the actual fold of a newspaper. When this term is translated to the digital space – in this case, Stores – it describes the content immediately visible on the screen when shoppers first land on the page.

The space above the fold is a unique opportunity to express the meaning of a brand or product, and help create a great first impression with customers. It’s also where shoppers spend most of their time on a site.

What are the main above-the-fold components on a Store?

Above-the-fold components
  1. Hero
  2. Logo
  3. Navigation bar
  4. Tile section


The hero is a billboard display at the top of every page and is an ideal place to showcase the brand and help drive customers to continue scrolling to learn more.

Hero section

This is a widget designed to display the brand’s logo and is located in the navigation bar.

Logo section

The menu or navigation bar is a map that guides shoppers’ journey through the entire Store.

Navigation bar

Tile section

The tiles directly below the navigation bar are a perfect place to present the brand’s unique selling proposition, or the distinctive benefit(s) a brand or product offers that make it stand out from competitors.

Highlight of tile section

Make sure you review the Stores creative guidelines to understand the requirements for page sections and tiles.

Tips for designing a strong above-the-fold section

1. Showcase the advantages of your brand and product

The use of inspiring lifestyle images, colours, videos and other design elements above the fold will convey overall brand identity.

Above-the-fold section

For a product-focused above-the-fold section, the hero should display the product and the tile just below the navigation bar should include copy explaining the utility of the product along with a call to action (CTA). A good option is to include a shoppable image, since it will reduce the number of clicks to purchase while displaying the product in a realistic environment.

Hero tile with call-to-action

Dividing products into categories is a useful way to establish pages and sub-pages of the Store to create organisation and reduce friction for customers. With category pages, customers have a greater motivation to browse the Store. For this reason, we recommend having at least three such pages.

When creating categories for the navigation bar, keep the titles as short as possible to avoid overwhelming customers. Lengthy category titles can also reduce the number of categories that appear.

Please keep in mind the navigation bar has a different experience on mobile. While on desktop, the navigation bar is rendered horizontally. On mobile, it appears as a vertical drop-down menu displaying all the pages and sub-pages of the Store.

Navigation bar

3. Avoid clutter

Avoid adding too many design or text elements to the hero and the tile sections. The cleaner the Store looks, the more effective it will be. Remove elements that could steal attention away from the message and shopping experience, such as unnecessary text in the hero or tiles below the navigation bar.

Navigation bar

4. Make sure all text is legible

To maintain a good customer experience, consider the legibility of the logo and the text in the hero and tiles.

If the logo contains small text, it may be difficult to read, particularly on mobile devices. Text that is challenging to read on desktop will almost certainly be illegible on mobile. In this case, consider placing the logo only in the hero and hide it in the navigation bar.

Examples of legible and not-legible logo

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