Amazon Advertising helped The Man Company with a 360° campaign approach

About The Man Company, a contemporary men’s grooming brand

The Man Company ("TMC") is a contemporary men’s grooming brand with products spanning beard, face, body, hair, fragrance and shaving essentials made free of harmful chemicals and infused with handpicked natural ingredients and premium essential oils. Being a digital-first brand, TMC wanted to reach new customers and help grow their share of the sales pie within the men’s grooming category.

A 360° campaign approach

TMC planned a 360o campaign approach, which included Raksha Bandhan festival, Prime Day and Independence Day sales events, to leverage the high traffic on Amazon. Their key metrics for campaign performance were sales volume and new-to-brand purchases for lower funnel and click-through rate (CTR) and detail page view rate (DPVR) for upper funnel. Two of Amazon’s advertising products, sponsored ads and Amazon DSP, were utilised to achieve the brand’s objective across their portfolios.

Amazon DSP was used to build awareness around the brand’s new product launches as well as existing products. The vitamin C range of face products, charcoal face sheets and pro-hygiene products garnered a CTR of 0.3–0.5% and DPVR of 0.35%, TMC saw incremental sales increases of 218% in beard, 400% increase in body, 130% in face and 72% growth in their combined portfolio.

The creative communication and design incorporated TMC’s brand ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana’s photo and emphasised top sellers like beard, face and shaving products and on-trend products such as caffeine and vitamin C face wash. All the creatives followed a minimalistic and suave look and feel with a clear call to action. Users were directed to the brand Store, where a host of other products were offered along with rich content educating consumers on male grooming products and their benefits.

“We worked diligently with the brand and Amazon team to obtain category insights and potential to scale up The Man Company in terms of new customers acquisition and unit sales on Amazon. Using these insights we worked backwards on reaching relevant audiences keyword themes, product/portfolio promotions, budget allocation and creative communication to achieve the projected numbers. Learnings we derived from the campaigns will enable us to hone the brand’s performance in forthcoming months”.

– Kirtana Nair, Business Manager – Ecommerce, Performics

Lift in new customer acquisition

TMC achieved 62% new-to-brand purchases with a 28% increase on overall orders in comparison to previous month. Brand searches improved significantly, leading to higher conversion rates. Their product detail page view share within the category increased by 50%.

"In today’s digital age, real-time customer insights are crucial for marketers to reach relevant audiences. For this campaign, our objective was to reach new customers for our premium range of grooming products. With an integrated approach, we used Amazon DSP to reach consumers across online inventory to promote our new launches and, in parallel, tap into high-intent relevant keyword discovery through sponsored ads. The results show that we were able to help drive acquisition and support our market share satisfactorily".

– Deepesh Agarwal, AVP – Marketplace, The Man Company

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