Toy brand, Schleich Iberia, and agency, Amazing, boost sales with sponsored ads in Spain

The company

Schleich was founded in 1935 by German toy maker Friedrich Schleich, who created the brand’s first line of wire and wooden dolls in 1946. Today, almost 80 years later, Schleich is a global supplier of animal figurines, selling its products in more than 50 countries.

With a focus on improving brand recognition and visibility, Schleich Iberia viewed advertising on Amazon as an opportunity to expand its digital footprint in Spain. In August 2018, Schleich Iberia collaborated with Spain-based digital marketing agency, Amazing, to launch their products on and help accelerate sales across its product offering, which now includes animals and collectors’ items such as DC Comics and Peanuts figurines.

quoteUpWe wanted to work with a specialised agency to best position Schleich Iberia products within Amazon’s robust toy category.quoteDown
– Alexis Lanzas, Country Manager, Schleich Iberia

The solution: Using Sponsored Brands to drive visibility and sales

While Amazing activated both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, Schleich Iberia found value in Sponsored Brands advertising as a key part of their overall strategy. It was key to the strategy because it can direct customers to a Store and ultimately drive brand awareness and visibility.

quoteUpSponsored Brands helped improve brand recognition by directing the campaigns to the Schleich Store on Amazon to showcase our extensive catalogue. Amazing has helped us see the value of successful Sponsored Brands campaigns with a high click-through rate to drive brand recognition rather than focus on just the advertising cost of sales (ACOS). So even if the ACOS might be higher, these campaigns are still driving overall awareness and helping customers better know our brand.quoteDown
– Alexis Lanzas, Country Manager, Schleich Iberia

When it came to starting bids for the Sponsored Brands campaigns, Amazing started with a range of €0.08-0.2, letting the campaign take traction and raising or lowering bids depending on the performance of each keyword. It also used three match types (exact, phrase and broad) to maximise how it targeted the campaigns. Amazing then defined the keywords based on the top searches by implementing two types of campaigns: one with keywords containing the brand name and the other with generic terms, like “toys” or “toys for toddlers”. When creating the headlines and images for the Sponsored Brands campaign, Amazing promoted the discovery of the product in the ad, giving the hero products and new toy launches first line of visibility.

In addition to Sponsored Brands, Amazing launched Sponsored Products campaigns, knowing that a mix of both campaign types would help Schleich gain sales momentum, increase search visibility and drive conversions.

Lastly, Amazing optimised the bids across all campaigns every week, using keyword reports biweekly to add negative keywords that had poor performance. These reports took into account the click-through rate (CTR) if the campaign was focused on brand awareness, and average cost of sales (ACOS) if the focus was on conversion.


Since launching its campaigns in September 2018 on, Schleich Iberia has seen sales attributed to advertising increase in non-festive seasons by an average of 57% month over month, with close to 50% of total sales attributed to advertising coming from Sponsored Brands campaigns, whose ACOS was only 7.7% as of July 2019. Additionally, the CTR for the Sponsored Brands campaigns was twice as high as other campaigns they had run.

quoteUpWe would recommend Amazon Ads for any seller on Amazon especially using both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. With Amazon Ads, we were able to successfully boost our toy sales and develop brand equity.quoteDown
– Alexis Lanzas, Country Manager, Schleich Iberia

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