Premium eyewear brand Safilo teams up with DEEPLOY to launch in Europe

The company

Safilo Group is an Italian-based eyewear creator and worldwide distributor for premium sunglasses, optical frames and sports eyewear. Safilo’s portfolio includes its core brands – Carrera and Polaroid, Smith Optics, Safilo and Oxydo – along with a set of licensed brands, such as Dior, Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger.

Increasing brand visibility and consideration

In 2019, Safilo began working with DEEPLOY, an agency that helps brands drive sustainable growth on Amazon. In its first year, Safilo looked to DEEPLOY to help drive sales by increasing brand visibility and consideration in Italy and Germany. At the time, Safilo’s brand presence on Amazon was low, so DEEPLOY launched a full-funnel marketing strategy focused on catalogue optimisation, Sponsored Products campaigns and promotions (Best Deals and Lightning Deals) to increase Safilo’s brand impressions, product detail page views and sales in Italy and Germany. This full-funnel approach resulted in a five-times increase in sales on Amazon in 2019 compared to the previous year.

quoteUpWe wanted a partner that could holistically manage our Amazon strategy to help us maximise our performance through strategic Amazon Ads campaigns and help optimise our cataloguesquoteDown
– Charles-Edouard Delelis-Fanien, Sales Director, Safilo

In 2020, DEEPLOY crafted a strategy to help Safilo improve return on ad spend (ROAS) across Italy and Germany while scaling its brand presence across Europe to reach new shoppers in Spain, France and the UK.

Driving product visibility across Europe

To help launch Safilo’s European expansion in 2020, DEEPLOY started with catalogue optimisation to help increase Safilo’s shopping results relevance score prior to launching Amazon Ads campaigns in Spain, France and the UK. To achieve this, DEEPLOY identified target keywords based on shopping trends in the eyewear category, helping maximise visibility for each of Safilo’s key product detail pages. Target keywords were then weaved into each product detail page’s title and product description sections to help improve visibility in shopping results. DEEPLOY also updated featured images and A+ Content to elevate Safilo’s products in shopping results and improve purchase conversion rates.

For Safilo’s Sponsored Product campaigns, DEEPLOY focused on generic keywords to maximise visibility, along with promotions (Best Deals and Lightning Deals) to increase product detail page views and purchase intent. DEEPLOY then used Amazon DSP to introduce new audiences to the Safilo brand through display advertising campaigns and help drive overall brand impressions across Europe.

Optimising Sponsored Products and Amazon DSP campaigns for ROAS

In Italy and Germany, where Safilo’s sales on Amazon had increased fivefold in 2019 compared to the previous year, DEEPLOY set up a new KPI hierarchy, prioritising ROAS over impressions (shopping results visibility). To achieve ROAS goals, DEEPLOY deployed Sponsored Products and remarketing campaigns activated through Amazon DSP. Next, DEEPLOY focused Sponsored Products campaigns on highly relevant, generic keywords within the eyewear shopping category, using dynamic bids to help elevate Safilo products within shopping results, helping increase impressions while efficiently driving consideration and product sales. Lastly, DEEPLOY set up remarketing campaigns activated through Amazon DSP to reach audiences that had viewed or researched Safilo’s products (along with similar products in the eyewear category) within the last 30 days, but had not yet made a purchase.

The results

As of August 2020, DEEPLOY helped Safilo increase brand impressions by 238%, sales revenue by 2.5 times across all five European countries, and ROAS by 58% year on year compared to 2019.

quoteUpWhen we first started collaborating with Safilo, we had to drive a complete brand and market analysis to understand where the opportunity was. This strategy has grown progressively over the last two years, especially seeing as Safilo’s brand visibility in 2019 was almost non-existent. We attribute our success to our ability to drive a holistic Amazon strategy that follows best retail practices and through Amazon Ads.quoteDown
– Raphaël Samuel, Co-Founder and Chief of Operations, DEEPLOY

In 2021, DEEPLOY plans to introduce Safilo to several new Amazon Ads products, including Sponsored Brands video to support Safilo’s brand awareness goals, and Amazon Attribution, which will generate insights that will help maximise Safilo’s Amazon sales through optimisation of off-Amazon marketing campaigns that drive to Amazon.