Custom landing page on Amazon drives brand and performance results for Opel cars


Move a young audience past initial awareness to consideration for a big-ticket item.


Enable the target audience to discover more about the Opel ADAM model without going to a car dealership.


Reached a new, engaged audience. 50% of landing page visitors never previously visited the Opel website.

The full story

Opel sought to expand upon the successful sponsorship of Germany’s Next Top Model and their brand ambassador, Heidi Klum. Their new compact premium car model had resonated with this young, fashion-conscious audience, but Opel wanted to enable these potential customers to take the next step and connect with the car brand in a new way.

Opel worked with Amazon to offer an exclusive car trim level and leasing deal to this audience through a custom landing page and accompanying cross-screen media on and off Amazon.

Two Opel ADAM cars

Through Amazon audience reporting, Opel discovered that around 30% of the audience engaging with the landing page were outside of their target demographic. Additionally, this audience was responsible for 40% of the Add to Baskets.

  • Nearly 50% of landing page visitors viewed the car in different colours – black was most popular.

Armed with insights about this Amazon audience, Opel made adjustments to their creative to highlight imagery of the car in black – which never goes out of fashion.

  • 96% of landing page visitors scrolled to the bottom of the page.
quoteUpThe Opel ADAM (a sponsor of Germany’s Next Top Model) created a digital success story with Amazon. This unique opportunity offered a limited edition ADAM for the first time in Germany via Amazon, which resonated with many “fashionistas”. The success was particularly evident in the positive results in sales, especially with lead management and engagementquoteDown
– Michael Theis - Head of brand communication, Opel

With a brand-focused campaign, Opel connected with both their target demographic and an additional Amazon audience. Both of these audiences demonstrated their interest in the new car model through a custom landing page that generated over 2.7 clicks per page visit and allowed customers to learn more before purchasing through Amazon.

Key Campaign Results

Key Campaign Results

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