Noble House used Amazon DSP to activate audiences across the funnel

The company

Noble House Home Furnishings’ vision is to be the dominant force in the furniture market. The company has over 10,000 SKUs in stock at all times, so you can order goods for “just in time” delivery to meet all your customers’ demands. With over 20 years in the industry, Noble House helps customers to benefit from a wide variety of products manufactured in locations including China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and the US.

The challenge

In 2019, Noble House Home Furnishing, an indoor and outdoor home furniture and home goods company, partnered with Tinuiti to transition from managed-service Amazon DSP to self-service Amazon DSP and more effectively segment audiences to reach new customers for its Christopher Knight Home brand during key seasonal buying periods.

The solution

Tinuiti and Noble House created an advanced Amazon DSP strategy to drive upper and lower-funnel campaigns and implement new catalogue segmentation.

First, Tinuiti worked with Amazon and Noble House Home Furnishings to build out a strategic Amazon DSP media plan to reach lower- and upper-funnel audiences based on seasonality.

For example, during the summer season, they ran specific segments tailored to outdoor patio furniture and bedroom furniture with large audiences, and then followed up with shoppers who didn’t purchase with remarketing campaigns through Amazon DSP. This enabled them to capitalise on awareness and drive demand simultaneously.

In addition, new catalogue segmentation helped Noble House to scale its approach. Noble House Home Furnishings came to Tinuiti with about 50 focus ASINs to build an Amazon DSP strategy for. Tinuiti decided to group ASINs based on nine new categories (including dining chairs, stools and outdoor lounge chairs). In order to use remarketing audiences in Amazon DSP, the audience size needs to meet a minimum threshold. By structuring the ASINs into specific categories, they were able to meet those thresholds and successfully remarket (in-market and by product type).

The results

Running upper and lower-funnel campaigns with Amazon DSP worked especially well for Noble House’s product line. The furniture shopping journey on Amazon is a relatively long process. From the initial search to the final purchase, a typical shopper takes over three weeks. During that time, they view 14–15 product detail pages and consider 7–8 products on average. 1

Running upper-funnel (in-market) campaigns with Amazon DSP helped Noble House to drive consideration and develop a larger pool of lower-funnel audiences to remarket to. The shopping experience isn’t always linear – and in this case, Amazon DSP provided Noble House the opportunity to not only reach new audiences and bring them into the marketing funnel, but also re-engage with shoppers who demonstrated interest in the catalogue and stay top of mind throughout the path to purchase.

quoteUpRunning upper and lower-funnel campaigns (via Amazon DSP) worked especially well for NHHF’s product line. When it comes to furniture, shoppers will typically take their time over making a purchase. Amazon DSP upper-funnel campaigns (in-market) helped to fuel our lower-funnel pool (re-targeting). Because the shopping experience isn’t always linear, Amazon DSP provided us with the opportunity to not only reach new audiences and bring them into our funnel, but also to re-target shoppers once they had shown interest in our catalogue.quoteDown
– Evan Walsh, Sr Programmatic Analyst, Amazon & Marketplaces, Tinuiti

By taking a full-funnel approach to Amazon DSP, Noble House drove results across the funnel. For example:

  • From an awareness perspective, they saw a 2X increase in total detail page views year over year.
  • From a consideration perspective, they saw a 48% increase in CTR (click-through rate). Increased CTR is a positive sign of growing consideration because it means that more shoppers are interested in learning more about the product.
  • From a conversion standpoint, they saw a 28% increase in new-to-brand purchases.
  • And finally, they also saw a 4X increase in ROAS (return on advertising spend).
quoteUpEvan at Tinuiti understood our goal to both drive traffic at all levels of the sales funnel and spend responsibly with an overall return on ad spend in mind. By building audiences across the consumer journey with Amazon DSP, we’ve achieved incredible results.quoteDown
– Amy Feder, Director of E-Commerce & Marketing at Noble House Home Furnishings LLC


  • 2X increase in total detail page views year over year
  • 48% increase in click-through rate
  • 28% increase in new-to-brand purchases
  • 4X increase in return on advertising spend

1 Amazon 1P Amplifier Data, June 2019 to May 2020