How Miss Chase used sponsored ads and Stores to build strong brand presence

The company

In the world of outrageous fashion statements, Miss Chase recognises its place as a clothing brand that is on trend and of refreshingly high quality.

The challenge

With numerous brands in the marketplace, it was important for Miss Chase to drive brand awareness and reach, getting customers to try its products and to understand how their quality differentiates them.

quoteUpAn immense amount of passion and effort goes behind creating each Miss Chase product. It's only fair that we now ensure that every single product that we launch is immediately advertised on Amazon for that extra push.quoteDown
– Ananya Bubna, Co-founder of Miss Chase

The solution

To accomplish these objectives, Miss Chase used a number of Amazon Ads products, including sponsored ads and a Store. It ran automatic and manual campaigns simultaneously, making changes to keywords and bids, and adding new keywords to existing campaigns and tracking them at regular intervals. After running these tests for a month to identify all the right inputs for running successful campaigns, Miss Chase was able to transition to only using manual campaigns. Miss Chase built a robust strategy with distinct ad groups with different kinds of targeting for each of its product lines. After using Sponsored Products for a year, Miss Chase started also using Sponsored Brands and Stores to drive brand awareness and brand loyalty.

quoteUpInitially, when we started running sponsored ads, our campaigns did not perform well, leading to very high advertising spend. However, with time, we started segregating our products into various subcategories. This helped us target more effectively, lower our advertising spend and increase our reach.quoteDown
– Udayan Bubna, Co-founder, Miss Chase

The results

Miss Chase has ramped from starting with three campaigns to running around 20 campaigns with over 4K advertised products. Taking into account the combined effects of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Stores and using the above strategies, Miss Chase saw a 107% spike in sales in the trailing six months since November 2018, with a 370% ROI (return on investment). Approximately 30% of their total sales can be attributed to Amazon Ads efforts.

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  • 150% increase in sales over January 2019
  • 370% ROI return on investment
  • 30% increase in sales attributed to sponsored ads