How Amazon Attribution (beta) and Perpetua helped CPG brand grow ROAS by 8.2X

The challenge

A growing consumer brand in the beverage category, Lemon Perfect manufactures lemon-powered products – all with zero sugar – to meet at the intersection of flavor and health. Each bottle offers customers their daily dose of vitamin C and only contains organic ingredients. As part of its effort to grow awareness of its product, the brand launched on in early 2020.

Lemon Perfect’s marketing team runs advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Google search. However, since the brand website directs customers to check out on Amazon, the team wasn’t clearly able to understand whether their advertising campaigns were actually leading to sales or driving positive ROAS (return on ad spend).

“Before using Amazon Attribution, we weren’t able to tie our off-Amazon campaigns or optimisations to actual sales performance on Amazon. We were left making assumptions about what we believed was working or wasn’t.”

– Kelsey Berryhill, Director, e-commerce and Business Development at Lemon Perfect

The solution

To get the metrics they needed to assess the business impact of their non-Amazon advertising, Lemon Perfect began using Amazon Attribution in April 2020. By setting up Amazon Attribution measurement across each of their non-Amazon campaigns, including paid ads on search and social and the brand’s email newsletter, the team was able to understand which strategies were leading to sales on Amazon.

Specifically, after reviewing Amazon Attribution reporting for paid search ads, the brand identified that one of their landing page strategies was creating friction in the shopping journey. While some ads directed to Amazon detail pages, other ads first led shoppers to the brand website and then redirected them to check out on Amazon. The team compared performance and discovered that sending customers to their brand website first was actually leading to lower sales performance.

“Amazon Attribution helped us discover that the landing page experience on our website, which redirected customers to Amazon to check out, was actually creating friction in the shopping journey. Without these insights, we wouldn’t have realised that we were missing out on important sales opportunities.”

– Kelsey Berryhill, Director, e-commerce and Business Development at Lemon Perfect

The optimisation strategy

To help maximise the impact of its non-Amazon advertising campaigns, Lemon Perfect partnered with advertising optimization provider Perpetua in April 2020. Perpetua’s integration with the Amazon Attribution API enabled the brand to automate both the measurement set-up process, saving them significant time, and their keyword and bid optimisation strategy to help improve spend efficiency.

“We’re continually looking for new ways to help advertisers drive incremental sales growth on Amazon. Perpetua’s integration with the Amazon Attribution API allows us to do just that, unlocking a trove of valuable insights that our solution can integrate to enable auto-optimisation algorithms that maximise ROAS and sales on Amazon.”

– Joe Rideout, President at Perpetua

Based on their initial learnings, Lemon Perfect shifted its paid search strategy, directing shoppers that clicked through their ads to Amazon product detail pages. Additionally, as the team now accessed Amazon Attribution measurement through the Perpetua service, they were able to turn on auto-optimisations, relying on Perpetua’s AI-powered optimisation algorithm to automatically identify high-converting and low-performing keywords and adjust the bidding strategy accordingly.

“Accessing Amazon Attribution through Perpetua has helped us streamline and automate otherwise manual operations, giving us more time to focus on the bigger-picture strategy. We no longer need to log in to separate consoles to view reporting, create measurement tags and execute campaign optimisations. Instead, with the Amazon Attribution API integration, Perpetua provides comprehensive Amazon reporting in the same console we use to manage our search and social campaigns while automatically optimising our strategies based on the metrics that matter to our business."

– Kelsey Berryhill, Director, e-commerce and Business Development at Lemon Perfect

The results

After refining its paid search strategy and enabling Perpetua’s auto-optimisations, Lemon Perfect saw positive results during the first two weeks of September 2020. Using Perpetua’s algorithm to automatically adjust the bidding strategy to maximise spend on top-performing keywords and minimise spend on those not leading to sales, Lemon Perfect achieved an 8.2X increase in ROAS compared to the two weeks prior.

“The combined power of Amazon Attribution’s insights with Perpetua’s conversion-based bidding and optimisation tools is key to not only understanding our customers’ shifting shopping habits but also adapting quickly enough to ensure our advertising drives continued business growth.”

– Kelsey Berryhill, Director, e-commerce and Business Development at Lemon Perfect

From now on, Lemon Perfect plans to use Amazon Attribution to measure the impact of their non-Amazon advertising, especially for major shopping events such as Prime Day and the festive season. With those learnings, the brand will continue to improve their marketing strategy through the 2020 festive season and beyond.

“Inevitably, customers are browsing and discovering brands and products outside of Amazon, meaning that advertisers not engaging audiences across these channels are missing out on key opportunities. Amazon Attribution is a key tool to ensuring you’re maximising the conversion potential throughout the shopping journey.”

– Joe Rideout, President at Perpetua

Following their success with Lemon Perfect, the team at Perpetua put together a few recommendations for using Amazon Attribution:

  1. Test directing non-Amazon traffic to both product detail pages and your Store to understand which experience makes sense for your strategies.
  2. Test different creative variations – beyond just headlines and descriptions. For example, advertisers running Google Ads can optimise the display URLs and test ad extensions to help improve visibility and more closely match shoppers’ search intent.
  3. For Google Ads, we recommend setting up your campaign bidding strategy as Manual CPC. This configuration will give you the highest level of visibility and control, and allow you to set your bids based on keyword-level conversions. When creating a Google Ad campaign in Perpetua, this set-up happens automatically.

Advertisers and agencies can learn more about and register for Amazon Attribution here.

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