Legero Schuhfabrik GesmbH drives sales with Amazon Advertising

Legero, a leading footwear company in Europe, worked with Amazon Advertising to build additional awareness and visibility for their popular Superfit brand. Superfit is a line of children’s shoes with a focus on fit, functionality and quality protection for children’s demanding feet – all in a modern design.

Legero was keen to defend their market position and have a strong online presence for the Superfit brand. Legero’s goal was to drive traffic to their brand shop and detail pages on Amazon while converting that traffic to sales.

The Amazon Advertising solution

Legero worked with Amazon to build a multi-screen approach across desktop and mobile, with a focus on reaching mothers throughout the shopping journey. This marked the first time Legero tested mobile, looking to increase awareness. Amazon Advertising was able to deliver on the campaign goals of awareness and consideration with above-average detail page views and a significant ROAS (return on ad spend) for the client.

Success metrics

  • The campaign drove traffic to the Superfit brand shop and Superfit detail pages at a 4.25% DPVR (detailed page view rate)
  • Mobile test was successful with 0.53% CTR (click-through rate) and DPVR of 4.91%
  • The top-performing placement was the above-the-fold homepage placement on Amazon.de, with 7.94% DPVR
  • Successful return on ad spend: Overall campaign ROAS of €24.03, and mobile below-the-fold ROAS of €60.15
Superfit ads on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Legero® – The Footwear Company – was founded in 1872, is headquartered in Graz and is majority-owned by the Stolitzka family. The company’s headquarters is also the creative and logistics centre for the development of the LEGeRO and Superfit brands. The company operates its own production facilities in Europe, employs nearly 1,000 people globally and is an important player on the European shoe market.

Source: Legero End of campaign report, Amazon internal data, 2014