Consumer electronics finds a partner to help evolve business-to-consumer (B2C) strategy

Furrion, a multinational business headquartered in Hong Kong, is most known for supplying premium appliances and consumer electronics for RVs and yachts. The brand had traditionally focused on business-to-business (B2B) marketing, but looked to test new sales channels when it began selling and advertising on Amazon in 2017. In 2020, Furrion partnered with a full-service e-commerce agency, This is Unicorn, to drive awareness, reach new customers and increase sales through Amazon Ads.

Developing a Sponsored Brands video strategy to deliver awareness and drive sales

Because the team at This is Unicorn knew Furrion’s products were visually striking and unique, it looked to Sponsored Brands video as a creative format that could help yield results for the brand. As part of their bespoke Amazon Ads strategy, the agency launched Sponsored Brands video campaigns that centred on the Furrion RV Observation Camera, with the aim of delivering on key objectives, including:

  • Building brand presence and increasing awareness: The agency ran Sponsored Brands video campaigns that focused on non-branded category level-keywords, specifically catering to audiences browsing products associated with RV cameras.
  • Maximising the opportunity with brand interested audiences: To ensure the brand’s messaging reached shoppers already browsing for Furrion products, This is Unicorn developed Sponsored Brands video campaigns that focused on branded keywords, so brand-interested audiences could access an engaging video content experience.
  • Driving efficiency of ad-attributed sales: During the testing of the Sponsored Brands video strategy, the team at This is Unicorn constantly monitored the performance of these campaigns and made bid and budget optimisations geared towards driving the most return on ad spend (ROAS).

“Sponsored Brands video has allowed us to showcase Furrion’s differentiating product features in an eye-catching and stimulating way that has resonated with Amazon shoppers. The success we’ve achieved leveraging this creative format for Furrion has led to the deployment of Sponsored Brands video across a variety of other clients’ Amazon Ads strategies.”

– Elise P A Jackson, CEO, This is Unicorn

Achieving results with Sponsored Brands video

Since launching Sponsored Brands video, This is Unicorn has been able to help drive significant results for Furrion. From June 2020 to April 2021, Sponsored Brands video campaigns yielded a 4X higher ROAS than the historical average across sponsored ads products for the Furrion RV Observation Camera. Sponsored Brands video ad-attributed sales also represented 28% of all Sponsored Brands-attributed sales for the RV Observation camera in April 2021.1

Based on the success of this Sponsored Brands video strategy alongside the high-quality visuals provided by Furrion, This is Unicorn is expanding this creative format across the full Furrion product catalogue. This includes Furrion’s first consumer product: their best-selling Outdoor TV, as well as appliances, audio/visual equipment and power solutions.

Furrion shares the following recommendation for any advertiser looking to select a partner to help them achieve their Amazon Ads goals.

“Ensure your partner understands your product and brand in depth – the uniqueness, seasonality, audience, aims and goals.”

– Waqas Ahmed, Head of e-commerce, Furrion

1 Advertiser provided data, Europe, 2021