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Frontida Health builds brand recognition in Australia using sponsored ads

Thermometer checking babies temperature

Founded in September 2020, Frontida Health sells affordable medical products online in Australia. As a relative newcomer in the category, they have spent the past few years building brand recognition and found Amazon Ads to be a supportive collaborator to help accelerate their growth.

Jonathan Morgan, director at Frontida Health, shares the company’s marketing strategies and how they manage a suite of solutions like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands video and Sponsored Display that help them create long-term growth.

Using Sponsored Products for their first ad on the Amazon store in Australia

Frontida Health launched their first ad on the Amazon store in October 2020.

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Our first ad was a Sponsored Products ad using automatic product/keyword targeting for our medical thermometer. Using Sponsored Products helped our products appear prominently within shopping results for our primary keywords.

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— Jonathan Morgan, Director, Frontida Health

Implementing multiple ad solutions for their brand marketing strategy

Following their use of Sponsored Products, Frontida Health leveraged webinars by Amazon Ads as a source of inspiration and registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry, a programme that helps brands protect intellectual property and manage listings. The adoption of self-service ad solutions newly available to them as a brand owner created a more holistic brand marketing strategy:

  • Sponsored Products. Using automatic targeting, Frontida Health let Amazon match their ads to relevant search terms and products, and then added all relevant keywords, which resulted in a sale to broad- and exact-match campaigns. They also added successful product targets to a separate campaign, which helped them reach more relevant shoppers.
  • Sponsored Brands video. They managed multiple Sponsored Brands video ads for their top-selling products. It helps them appear prominently in similar shopping results as their Sponsored Brands ads.
  • Sponsored Display. They used Sponsored Display for their top-selling products for remarketing purposes.
  • Success metrics. They maintained a total advertising cost of sale of under six for exact-match Sponsored Products campaigns, and a return on ad spend (ROAS) above seven.

Getting more sales with better images and videos

Through trial and error, Frontida Health discovered an equation: Improving product images and videos correlated with higher sales. The company invested in freelance designers to create images and videos in optimised quality to showcase their top products on ads and in their Store.

Increasing video views and ROAS

The brand’s most successful Amazon Ads campaign to date is a Sponsored Brands video ad, seen 193,264 times with a ROAS of 7.25. Frontida Health was very happy with their campaign performance, which resulted in 711 orders and 704 new-to-brand customers.1 ‘Video is a powerful way to help showcase your products to customers on the shopping page’, Morgan said.

Developing evergreen demand for growth

Frontida Health has bright plans for the future, seeing an opportunity for growth in product categories, like baby health equipment, that enjoy year-round growth.

“We have several new products arriving in 2023. Both products will have the same advertising campaign structure of Sponsored Products ads with auto-targeting, broad- and exact-match campaigns, along with Sponsored Brands video ad format and Sponsored Display,” Morgan said. Atop their recent expansion to Singapore, the company is moving forward with exciting opportunities with Amazon Ads.

In addition, Morgan said the sponsored ads strategy that Frontida Health had implemented helped the brand achieve their brand awareness goals.

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Amazon Ads is a powerful tool that has helped build our brand and increased our overall recognition in Australia. Through targeted campaigns and strategic ad placements, we’ve been able to increase our visibility and establish ourselves as a trusted and reputable brand anywhere customers spend their time.

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– Jonathan Morgan, Director, Frontida Health

1 Advertiser-provided data, AU, Feb 2022–Feb 2023