Finlayson improves their detail pages to drive increased sales with Amazon Advertising

Finlayson is a textile manufacturer that sells home and kitchen products, including hand and dish towels, on They have been manufacturing textiles for almost 200 years and offer a wide range of products with unique Nordic designs and patterns. Finlayson believes that they have high-quality products with unique designs that shoppers just need to see in order to be interested to buy. However, they needed help driving sales and visibility on Amazon.

In June 2018, they hired Dash Retail to help them create a holistic strategy for Amazon. Dash Retail is a consultancy based in Finland with a 100% focus on Amazon. They help clients to grow their business on Amazon by providing them with business consulting, content production, sales amplification tactics and analytics.

Product listing improvements

Dash Retail always gets access to the Vendor Central account for its clients, as they know how important the retail side of the business is to the success of any advertising initiative. When Dash Retail initially looked at Finlayson’s product range, they realised the problem: the product detail page content. The images were low quality, the descriptions were too brief and not informative, and they realised that the products were not optimised for organic search results. They knew that before they could advertise their products, they needed to update the product detail pages.

Dash Retail started with the descriptions. They have an in-house copywriter who rewrote product descriptions for products within Finlayson’s catalogue. They focused on adding more product information and features of the product that aided in the purchase of the product. In addition, they worked with Finlayson to create new high-quality images. They added multiple images for each product to highlight different aspects of the design of the textile products that Finalyson produces.

Finally, they helped optimise the organic search results by filling in the “Search keywords” section for each product. Within this section, Dash Retail added phrases that a customer shopping for this item might use to search. Dash Retail did keyword research and added in relevant keywords based on what customers might be searching for on Amazon. They used the maximum number of “Search keywords” they could add to each detail page and constantly tested new “Search keywords” to add to detail pages while measuring impact.

Advertising strategy

Once they had optimised the detail pages, they crafted an advertising strategy focused on creating Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns. Dash Retail thought that Sponsored Products would help bring greater visibility to Finlayson’s products in search results, while Sponsored Brands, with its customised headline and image that drive to a page with a listing of Finlayson products, would highlight Finlayson’s full product range.

They created Sponsored Products campaigns with automatic targeting for the entire product range and Sponsored Brands ads for each product line. After creating the campaigns, Dash Retail optimised the campaigns 3–4 times per week, focusing on increasing keyword bids for keywords that drove sales at a low ACOS (advertising cost of sale) and pausing keywords that weren’t driving sales. Dash Retail constantly tested new keywords, products and ad creatives to drive the best possible results.

The results have
been exactly what
we wished for and we absolutely recommend Amazon Advertising to other advertisers.
– Tiina Mikkonen,
Director of Export and Licensing
at Finlayson

Driving success

Dash Retail has been successful in driving results for Finlayson since the launch of their Amazon Advertising campaigns in July 2018. Month over month, Vendor Central units sold increased and total Vendor Central sales improved by 83% over a three-month period when compared to the three months prior. In addition, they generated over 833K impressions over the lifetime of their ad campaigns. So, the advertising tactics not only increased their sales, but helped their visibility as well.

As Tiina Mikkonen, Director of Export and Licensing for Finlayson, stated, “The results have been exactly what we wished for, and we absolutely recommend Amazon Advertising to other advertisers.”

Dash Retail’s top three tips for updating your
product detail pages:
  • Provide as much information as possible about your product on the product detail page.
  • Use high-quality images.
  • Listen to your customers and edit your content based on the comments and questions received on your product detail page.

  • 83% total Vendor Central sales improvement
  • 833K lifetime total impressions