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How brands can produce effective ad creatives with Amazon

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Amazon Ads offers brands the opportunity to learn and produce effective creatives for their upcoming campaigns by connecting with a dedicated account team and a collaborating creative agency for Amazon creative days. The Amazon creative days programme is designed to support brands to build their creative concepts and ad creatives for Amazon DSP campaigns and more.

Amazon creative days unfold over 10 days, starting with a workshop followed by creative production, to respond to a customer brief using tailored Amazon insights and a third-party creative agency to deliver impactful creatives. The Amazon creative days are currently available to all brands advertising on Amazon in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, either self-service or managed service, for a small fee.

Want to benefit from Amazon creative days?

Why participate in Amazon creative days?

Amazon creative days propose a solution to recurring creative challenges for Amazon DSP advertisers. Here are the main creative resource and production needs that Amazon creative days can help with:

  • Access to a creative agency
  • Creative insights and evidence-driven recommendations
  • Expertise in Amazon Ads policy and specifications
  • Attainable creative production costs
  • Short timeline before campaign launch

Amazon creative days are a cost-efficient, quick and easy way to address these challenges and to activate ad solutions with new, mobile-first, insight-driven creatives that can help increase campaign performances. Upon completion of this workshop, brands will have ready-to-use creatives that can be scaled for any of their needs, wherever they spend time.

Overall, we observed an increase in key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rate (CTR) and video completion rate (VCR) when Amazon creative days are leveraged. Notably, Sika, a construction industry brand, increased their CTR by 90% vs. benchmark.1

data visualisation for CTR increase

CTR increase vs. benchmark

Amazon creative days: 10-day production cycle

Here is a breakdown of the Amazon creative days 10-day production cycle shown through the example of Sika, with whom we tested this new service in France.

Day 1: Kickoff

To launch an Amazon creative days project, advertisers fill out a briefing template that contains key information about the brand, product or service, and their desired outcome. In addition, the advertiser will define the deliverables (with up to five creative versions) they aim to produce for the project: videos, static banners, custom REC banners or Store content.

For example, Sika provided a brief for their upcoming campaign for exterior house-cleaning products. In addition, they provided key assets such as their logo, brand guidelines and stock images:

A house with a tap

Brand assets provided by Sika

In response to the brief, Amazon and a partner creative agency will design a workshop where they present insights tailored to the brand and the first ad creative concepts. Amazon will observe brand and category insights, while the creative agency develops visuals to provide ideas for the look and feel.

The two-hour workshop is an open discussion among the three parties to brainstorm ideas and finalise the creative direction of the campaign.

Days 2 and 3: Workshop

In the example of Sika, the Amazon team provided the brand key learnings on the who, what, when, why and how to advertise with Amazon in order for Sika to make efficient decisions on their campaign creative strategy. Below are the types of insights provided to Sika:

  • Who: Relevant audiences, recurring keywords from customers, and top browsing queries leading to the Sika brand and products
  • When: When are the most popular periods of year to shop the category, how often are customers viewing and purchasing Sika products and how can Sika leverage seasonality (e.g. spring cleaning)
  • Why: How many Sika customers return vs. how many customers also buy peer brands, and what the opportunities are for growth on Amazon
  • How: Category and Store best practices and recommendations to optimise creatives based on past performance, audience insights, and industry trends

Days 4 to 9: Creative production

Once the workshop concludes, the brand provides final copy and the creative agency produces the ad creatives. They will share mock-ups for feedback and approval via email, or organise a call when necessary to align with the client.

Finally, all creatives will be delivered to the brand in the required specifications. The final creatives will be ready to use for the campaign.

Day 10: Delivery

Here are a few of the creatives delivered to Sika:

Sika products

*A house good as new with Sikagard: SHOP *Treat your roof with Sika: SHOP *Clean your patio

Following the Amazon creative days, Sika optimised their campaign performance with 90% higher CTR vs. benchmark. The brand was also able to apply the workshop insights to other aspects of their strategies, wherever they spend time.

How can brands participate?

Leverage the Amazon creative days programme for upcoming branding campaigns, product or service launches, or peak events.

Reach out to a local Amazon Ads point of contact, or get in touch with a creative services representative here.

1 Amazon internal data, FR, July 2022