Craghoppers’ new strategy leads to lift in sales

Craghoppers knew that Amazon is one of the top destinations for them to sell outdoor clothing, but they needed a way to reach more customers. Craghoppers started using sponsored ads in 2017, but they wanted help to design a holistic strategy. Craghoppers hired ClickThrough Marketing to develop a strategy to improve campaign return on investment and drive more sales on Amazon. ClickThrough Marketing focused on increasing investment in all three sponsored ads products, using a new campaign structure and optimising frequently to achieve success.

As Anisha Nijjer, Senior Paid Digital Media Manager at ClickThrough Marketing, said, “Sponsored ads provides our clients with an opportunity to expand their customer reach with an audience that is focused on buying products, and with campaigns that are easy to set up and manage.”

A holistic approach

ClickThrough Marketing set up a strategy focused on achieving Craghoppers’ goals. In 2017, Craghoppers dedicated 87% of the budget towards Sponsored Products campaigns, so ClickThrough Marketing decided to change the strategy in April 2018 to use all three sponsored ads products. By using all three products, ClickThrough Marketing helped Craghoppers increase reach and find new shoppers, whether they are researching or on a product detail page ready to buy.

ClickThrough Marketing knew that by increasing spend across Sponsored Brands and Product Display Ads* as well as Sponsored Products, they could help Craghoppers achieve more visibility and sales by appearing in the highly visible placements that Sponsored Brands and Product Display Ads offer.

Campaign setup

ClickThrough Marketing implemented a new campaign creation strategy. They organised campaigns based on product type (shorts, shirts etc.), the audience (men’s, women’s etc.) and the keyword strategy (branded, category etc.). With this new organised structure, ClickThrough could easily find campaigns, optimise based on the performance of this specific sub-category and more easily report on results to Craghoppers about specific product lines.

Frequent optimisation

In addition to using all three ad products and creating a new campaign structure, ClickThrough Marketing also focused on how to best to optimise Craghoppers’ campaigns. They reviewed the Sponsored Products search term reports on a weekly basis to gain insights into the performance of the targeted keywords. They then added new keywords and made bid optimisations based on these downloadable reports.

In addition, ClickThrough Marketing optimised its Sponsored Brands and Product Display campaigns on a weekly basis in campaign manager. They adjusted bids for campaigns/keywords that are not driving sales and/or that have a negative return on ad spend (ROAS).

quoteUpI would recommend
sponsored ads for
other advertisers. It
allows you to increase visibility and sales across Amazon.
– Alex Wall, e-commerce Executive at Craghoppers


The results are impressive and the overall performance of Craghoppers’ campaigns drastically improved. Since April 2018, Craghoppers saw a 195% improvement in total monthly ad attributed sales with a 949% ROAS. ClickThrough Marketing was able to demonstrate that not only does the strategy increase ad attributed sales, but it does so efficiently with a positive ROAS.

As Alex Wall, e-commerce executive from Craghoppers said, “I would recommend sponsored ads for other advertisers. It allows you to increase visibility and sales across Amazon.” Craghoppers is excited to continue to advertise in the future with Amazon Advertising.

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*Product Display Ads audience and product targeting features are now accessed within Sponsored Display.

  • 195% monthly ad-attributed sales increase since April 2018
  • 949% return on ad spend (ROAS) since April 2018