Citibank reached credit card users in India on Amazon

Citibank India is an overseas branch of Citibank NA, which is part of Citigroup, a multinational financial services corporation headquartered in the US. Citibank wanted to generate awareness and reach new customers for their Citi Rewards, Premier Miles, Cashback and IndianOil credit cards.

Reaching credit card users with display ads

Citibank credit card users are generally digitally savvy, younger adults and affluent working professionals. They worked with Amazon Ads team to help reach relevant audiences including signals like audiences looking for luxury beauty, electronics items, appliances and fashion accessories from premium brands, travel accessories and international SIM cards. They also used additional signals like purchase propensity and age-range of 25+ years in select cities to reach relevant audiences.

Audiences engaged with display ads on the homepage, Amazon Pay page and on the thank-you page (post-payments page) slots. Citibank’s ad creatives featured the membership benefits of the card. Consumers who clicked on the ads were directed to the Citibank webpage where they could learn more about their credit cards, and interested consumers could also share their contact details with the brand.

Delivering relevant leads

The campaign delivered 340 million impressions and 15% of the generated leads were found to be relevant. 9% of the generated leads got the credit cards.

“Through collaboration with Amazon Ads team , granular testing, detailed measurement and periodic optimisations throughout the campaign, we were able to reach out to relevant audiences through various proxies such as browsing and purchase signals, which drove efficiencies in our campaign and enabled us to achieve substantial scale.”

– Arnika Dixit, Country Head, Cards, Unsecured Lending and Payments, Citibank

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