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Bizon helps Cinereplicas optimise for reach with Sponsored Display

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Movie (and keyword) magic

Movies are often more popular at the end of the year – and not just because of major festive season releases. During key shopping periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, film merchandise is a popular gift and presents a great retail opportunity.

Cinereplicas specialises in merchandise inspired by movies, featuring licensing partnerships with major entertainment groups. Specialising in products tied to and inspired by the Harry Potter series, Cinereplicas’ offerings for Harry Potter fans in include clothing, kitchenware, collectibles, life-size replicas and more.

Starting July 2019, Cinereplicas partnered with Bizon, an agency dedicated to helping clients with their performance in the Amazon store, with services including account management, brand content and Amazon Ads strategy. After successfully implementing always-on conversion-focused campaigns with Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, Bizon entered Q4 2021 with a new challenge from Cinereplicas: reach broader audiences to help generate more ad-attributed sales while maintaining a conservative budget and giving special attention to lower-performing products.

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Auditing a large product range

Approaching this Q4 2021 challenge, Bizon reviewed Amazon shopping queries where Cinereplicas products ranked well, and moved budget away from these performing keywords toward Sponsored Products campaigns that promoted products that were not high performing according to their metrics.

In October 2021, Bizon implemented Sponsored Brands video campaigns to showcase the breadth of Cinereplicas’ offerings, in an effort to reach both new customers and existing customers who may not have known about the full scale of products available. Sponsored Display product and category targeting campaigns also helped Bizon to reach audiences who were “in the aisle” for Cinereplicas’ products. Throughout the season, Bizon consistently audited the Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands video campaigns results, and kept only the top-performing ones to support sales during and after the festive season.

Lasting impressions

To reach new audiences, Bizon introduced Sponsored Display campaigns optimised for increasing marketing reach, with viewable cost per impression (vCPM) bidding, as a tactic. These campaigns allowed Bizon to reach a wider audience by focusing on impressions with Sponsored Display advertising, with a goal of increasing new-to-brand (NTB) customers.

Prior to running vCPM campaigns, Bizon also conducted a content audit of the Cinereplicas products they were advertising. SEO-friendly A+ content on product detail pages, optimised brand content in ads and in Cinereplicas’ Harry Potter Store, and improvement of Store architecture all helped the influx of NTB customers to have an informative and enticing experience in being introduced to the brand.

Utilising both vCPM and cost-per-click (CPC) optimisations, Bizon engaged Sponsored Display’s two primary targeting tactics, audiences and product/category targeting. Using category targeting with CPC bidding, Bizon retained a conversion focus; both vCPM and CPC, meanwhile, were employed for views re-marketing campaigns using the audiences tactic. In order to expand to new audiences at the awareness stage of the shopping journey, Bizon attempted to reach audiences who had viewed similar products to those of Cinereplicas within the past 30 days, in addition to those who had looked at products in relevant categories.

Promoting the brand

Bizon used Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands video campaigns to help nurture audiences through the shopping journey by educating them about Cinereplicas’ product offerings. In contrast to Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products campaigns that focused on less-popular products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands video ads performed best for Bizon with a focus on top-performing products.

A goal-achieving season

As a result of meticulous work on content and Store auditing, and advertising strategy, Bizon helped guide Cinereplicas to a Q4 2021 that saw an average of 83% NTB customers, with +143% impressions compared to Q4 2020 – markers of the impact of Sponsored Display vCPM bidding. Simultaneously, advertising cost of sales (ACOS) during Q4 2021 was 6.6 points lower than the rest of the year (6.5% ACOS during Q4 vs. 13.1% during Q1 to Q3).1

From September to December 2020, Cinereplicas’ Amazon Ads campaigns saw an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 11.5x. From September to December 2021, that increased to an average ROAS of 14.8X, with +59% ad-attributed sales compared to 2020.2

quoteUpThe key point of this partnership between Bizon and Cinereplicas is confidence in the recommendations. The new version of Sponsored Display [with vCPM bidding] was an opportunity to reach new audiences and new potential customers. In the end, it was worth taking the leap.quoteDown
– Nicolas Habert, Chief Operating Officer, Bizon

1–2 Advertiser-provided data, France, 2022.